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5 Star Rated Online Nutrition Courses (Ireland)

Developed by OriGym’s in-house experts, our online Sports Nutrition courses are designed to expand your knowledge and provide an understanding of how nutrition impacts health and weight management.

On completion of this qualification, you’ll be in a position to offer advice and guidance to a range of clients. You’ll also be equipped with the skills needed to fulfil exciting roles, such as writing specialist nutrition plans to help individuals reach specific goals. 

This is a 100% online nutrition course, allowing you to study around work, family, or any other commitments. There are no fixed start dates or deadlines, so you’re free to take as little or as long to work through your qualification. 

Our expert tutors are here to support you throughout your nutrition training. They’re available 7 days a week, ensuring that we’re able to accommodate you no matter your schedule.

Enquire now and you could be qualified in as little as 12 weeks!

Entry Requirements:


Course Type:


Course Length:

12 Weeks (Average)


Focus Awards

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Available Packages

Advanced Personal Trainer Package

  • Level 4 Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Level 5 Certificate in Obesity & Weight Management
  • Level 5 Advanced Nutrition Diploma for Weight Management
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Advanced Periodisation CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Myofascial Release CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

Deluxe Personal Trainer Package

  • Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Level 4 Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Level 5 Certificate in Obesity Control
  • Level 5 Nutrition in Weight Management & Athletic Performance
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Myofascial Release CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Business & Marketing CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Postural Analysis CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

Whether you want to pursue an exciting new career or expand your existing knowledge of health and nutrition, studying one of our accredited nutrition courses online opens doors to endless opportunities. 

This qualification will equip you with the knowledge and understanding needed to create meals plans that cater to different health and fitness goals. 

From professional athletes to members of the general public, you’ll be able to work with a variety of different clients, each with their own individual preferences and requirements. 

Course Length: As our nutrition courses are delivered online via our interactive e-learning platform, students can study at their own pace with no set deadlines. This means that exactly how long it takes to get qualified varies from student to student. On average, students take around 12 weeks.

Entry Requirements: There are no prerequisites for our online nutrition courses, however, you must be at least 16 years old to enrol.

Accreditations: Our online Level 5 Nutrition course is regulated by Ofqual and accredited by leading awarding body, Focus Awards.

Cost: This nutrition qualification costs €1,199. This includes unlimited exam resits and all other administrative costs.

Offer & Payment Options: As with all of our courses, you can spread the cost by setting up a flexible payment plan. Our payment plans are available at 0% interest and we won’t ask for a guarantor.

What You’ll Qualify With: Level 5 Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance.

Study Options

Our sports nutrition courses in Ireland are delivered online via our award-nominated e-learning platform, the “Student Zone”. This custom-built platform is made up of a range of resources including video guides, online lectures, quizzes and interactive materials. 

By offering our nutrition courses online, we’re able to guarantee that this qualification is completely flexible. As a student on this 5 star rated course, you’ll be in full control of when and  where you study. 

Whether you only have a few spare hours a week or want to dedicate a bigger chunk of your free time to your Nutrition course, you’re able to set your own schedule and work through the course content at your own pace.

Unlike many Nutritionist courses in Ireland, this qualification does not have any fixed start dates or deadlines. Once you complete the enrollment process, you can get access to our online learning platform and start learning! You’ll even be able to complete any exams and assessments online, meaning there are absolutely no deadlines!

Studying online doesn’t mean that you won't receive tutor support. In fact, you’ll have unlimited access to our highly-experienced and qualified team of tutors and assessors, who are here 7 days a week. 

Our tutor availability ensures you'll be able to get instant answers to your questions, even if you prefer to study on weekends or weekday evenings. You can reach a tutor by phone, email, or live chat - whichever you prefer!

How You’ll Be Assessed

To achieve your certification in nutrition, you will be required to complete a combination of online exams and coursework assignments. 

Completing your Level 5 Nutrition course online means you can complete your assessments whenever you like, from any location. You’ll complete all assessments via our interactive e-learning platform, the “Student Zone”.

Course Assessments

You will be required to pass and complete the following assessments:

  • Submit a case study of work - Pass required
  • Complete online nutrition course assignments for both units - Pass required 
  • Online nutrition exam - 90% Pass rate required

All students receive unlimited free resits and resubmissions for all exams, assessments, and coursework. This means there is absolutely no pressure to pass the first time around!

Should you need any support or feedback on your assessments, our experienced team of tutors will be on hand to help. With their expert support, you can be confident that the assessment process will be stress-free!

What You’ll Learn

Whether you want to work with the average gym-goer, professional athletes, or sedentary office workers, our health and nutrition courses are designed to fully prepare you to take on and support many different kinds of clients.

OriGym’s Nutrition diploma course has been specifically created to ensure that you qualify with the skills needed to adapt your advice to the unique needs of individuals, ensuring that you can confidently offer the highest standard of service possible.

You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge around health and nutrition, ensuring that you can go on to have a lucrative and successful career in the industry. 

Some specific topics you’ll cover on our recognised nutrition courses include:

Macros and Micros

This module will provide you with an understanding of macro and micronutrients along with their sources, uses, and physiological functions. You’ll explore the components of energy consumption and expenditure, knowledge that you can use to help clients with goals such as weight loss or improved performance.

You’ll also learn about the levels of energy, hydration, and nutrition required at different stages of life and gain knowledge of the relationship between diet and disease.

Understanding Nutritional Legislation

Within this popular module on our nutrition certification, you’ll learn about the legal requirements involved in making health and nutrition claims as a fitness professional. You’ll also learn about the legislative requirements for specific food labels and what that might mean for clients. 

Understand the Relationship Between Nutrition and Physical Activity

You’ll learn how to identify the amount of energy used for different physical activities and the nutrients needed to support them. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust energy requirements as fitness regimes and physical activity develop, and know how to develop a nutrition plan and strategy for clients to boost their athletic performance.

On completion of this Ofqual-regulated sports nutrition course, you’ll have knowledge of performance-enhancing products and sports drinks in the context of nutritional planning to support certain sports and fitness activities. As an outcome of this module, you’ll know how to deliver this information in the form of bespoke advice and plans for clients.

Specialist Populations & Common Diets

Throughout this course in nutrition and fitness, we discuss meal planning and preparation in the context of a range of clients, such as nutrition for the elderly, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and other specialist populations.

You’ll specifically learn about popular dietary preferences and requirements, such as vegetarian and vegan diets, and cover other interesting topics such as preventing obesity in children and young people.

Careers & Progression

Completing any Nutritionist course opens up a range of career opportunities in the health and fitness industry. Specifically, our online nutrition courses in Ireland prepare you for a successful career fulfilling a range of roles such as providing nutritional advice and creating bespoke meal plans for clients.

Many of our students go on to combine their nutrition services with personal training, an extremely lucrative career that allows you to offer the full package in terms of helping clients to achieve health and fitness related goals.

Whatever direction you take, our dedicated post-course support team will be on hand to help you turn your aspirations into your actual career!

Careers Support

Graduates of all of our nutrition courses in Dublin and across Ireland receive continued support from our dedicated team of career experts. Just some of the services that you’ll have unlimited access to include:

  • Free business and marketing course
  • CV clinic including a review and feedback 
  • CV distribution to our national partners
  • 1-1 interview preparation including mock interviews
  • Exclusive alumni brand discounts to help set up your own business

Progression Routes

One of the most popular and lucrative progression routes for those who complete a Nutrition course in Ireland is to complete a diploma in Personal Training. This will allow you to create a full health and fitness progress for your clients, which will potentially double your regular income whilst adding to your value as a professional!

You can also specialise in certain health conditions and demographics by completing our Level 4 Exercise Referral course

Already set on combining one of the above with your nutrition services? We offer a range of packages that combine our personal training and nutrition courses at a discounted rate. Enquire now for more information about our course packages.

Alumni Benefits

OriGym partners with numerous nutrition and health-based companies from every aspect of the health and fitness sector to provide you with a host of exclusive discounts that you can utilise throughout your career as a nutrition advisor, including offers on insurance, supplements, nutrition software plus dozens more.

Exactly how long it takes to complete this course depends on a number of factors, including how much time you can dedicate to studying per week, and whether you have any prior understanding of the topics. On average, it takes our students 12 weeks to complete our online nutrition courses.

Most students who complete our Nutritionist course online go on to start their own businesses, advertising themselves as a ‘Nutrition Coach’ or ‘Nutrition Advisor’. The job title ‘Nutritionist’ is not a protected term and so there are multiple titles that you can use to advertise your services once qualified.

Yes, our accredited nutrition courses will provide you with the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to write meal plans. You’ll even learn how to adapt your plans to cater to individuals and their unique goals, requirements, and preferences.

Once you complete your level 5 nutrition course in Ireland you’ll be able to work with a range of different kinds of people. Whether you specifically want to offer sports nutrition services online or would rather work with the more general public, you’ll be free to choose a demographic that suits your interests. 

Whoever you choose to work with, you can be confident that your qualification has fully prepared you to provide tailored advice to individuals with a variety of general health and fitness goals. 

One of the best things about completing a nutrition course in Ireland  is that once qualified, you’ll be able to work in a range of settings and fulfil a variety of roles. You’ll be able to offer your services on a self-employed or freelance basis, or pursue an employed position. 

If you go on to complete a personal training diploma, you could also work in any gym or fitness centre, offering nutrition advice alongside PT services. 

No, there are no qualification prerequisites to study our online nutrition courses in Ireland. However, students must be aged 16+ in order to enrol.

Completing a nutrition course leads to tons of opportunities in Dublin and across Ireland. This qualification opens up many doors including improved employment prospects and the opportunity to start your very own business. 

On completion of our course, you'll be able to work with individuals seeking nutritional advice. You’ll know how to plan and design meal plans tailored to general health and fitness goals, and be qualified to share nutritional advice. 

You will be equipped to work with anyone from professional athletes to regular gym-goers as well as specialist populations such as children, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities.

Yes - dietician is a legally protected title and as such people who use it need to have a specific kind of advanced degree and must be a member of a few different bodies.

A Sports Nutrition course will equip you to design meal plans and give nutritional advice to a range of clients, however, only a Registered Dietician can prescribe a diet plan in a medical capacity.

Our nutrition courses are awarded by Focus Awards and regulated by Ofqual, so you can rest assured that our training is of the highest standard in the industry. This regulation means all of our qualifications are fully recognised by employers and fitness industry professionals.

At OriGym, our Level 5 Nutrition course covers all of the essential knowledge required for students to achieve excellence in the nutrition field, covering themes including macros and micros, nutrition legislation, the relationship between nutrition, exercise, and health, meal prep and planning, obesity prevention and more.


Exclusive Alumni Benefits

Get discounts with leading nutrition brands on valuable products and services, such as insurance.

Interview Preparation

Once you qualify, our dedicated team will provide 1-1 support to help you prepare for job interviews.

Business & Marketing Advice

Graduates of our online sports nutrition courses get access to our business and marketing hub for continued career support!

  • Puregym
  • Virgin Active
  • Everlast Fitness Club
  • DW Fitness First
  • JD Gyms
  • Sport Direct Fitness


Angel Howarth PT Image

Angel Howarth

Fitness Influencer & Personal Trainer

Amazing Course & Career

After having a long-term passion for fitness and having built up her fitness Instagram page (@angfitpt) following to nearly 60k, Angel was getting messages constantly regarding her routines and workout posts. She decided to enrol onto OriGym's Personal Training Diploma and since has also started her Advanced Nutrition Qualification to offer her followers expert, qualified advice. 

Before I started the course, I was a lover of the gym, but unsure where I wanted to take my career. I was at university studying something I couldn’t see myself doing. That was until I found OriGym. I wanted to do the course so I could learn more about a passion of mine and eventually turn it into a career. I wanted the knowledge to turn my passion into my day to day life. I am now going to start working in a gym as a personal trainer, building my own business and hopefully continue to study around the subject too. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Matthew Briggs

Former Professional Footballer

Great Reviews!

Matthew Briggs was the youngest player ever to play in the premier league, aged 16 years and 68 days for Fulham. He has also played for Millwall, Watford, Bristol City and Colchester United.

After playing football my entire life, I've been recently thinking about what to do post football. A natural progression for me is becoming a personal trainer to utilise my current skills and experience.

After researching the best providers in the industry, OriGym came up with a big online presence and I was impressed by what I saw on the website. After looking through other testimonials, as well as student reviews, OriGym seemed the logical choice and I'm glad I chose to learn with them. 

I'm looking to merge both my life coaching and personal training qualification together, with the ultimate goal being a mind and body fitness trainer.

Ramnik Personal Training image

Ramnik Sembi

Founder of Ramnik Personal Training

Invaluable practical experience!

Before OriGym Ramnik was facing redundancy after a 10-year career. With an existing interest in health and fitness, Ramnik knew a role helping others to reach their goals would suit his personality and ambition. Searching online, he signed up to the Level 3 Gym Instructor and Level 4 Personal Trainer course. 

I absolutely made the right decision to choose OriGym! I’m very grateful for their continued support and their amazing tutors. They are really encouraging, helping to build your confidence to succeed. OriGym’s approach to flexibility encouraged me to study in my own time through online assessments and tutorials. Perfect for a busy parent juggling responsibilities.

My career since has gone from strength to strength. I set up my own brand whilst studying, creating a home-based studio where I train my clients. I also work as a Group Fitness Instructor, have set up my own HIIT fitness event and work with local academies encouraging children to enjoy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

sue evans image

Sue Evans

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

I love my new career!

Before joining OriGym, Sue worked in a gym as a Membership Sales Advisor. Many new members asked if Sue would be willing to train them, but as she wasn't qualified, she had to keep turning them down. Researching several companies, Sue enrolled on OriGym's Personal Training Diploma and has never looked back!

I researched many fitness courses but kept coming back to OriGym. I felt a good vibe from the team and the owners Luke and Steph are friendly & down to earth. I loved how involved they were in the courses! The course itself was AMAZING! The staff and teachers were fantastic, I really felt that they cared about me and my progress, going above and beyond what I had ever expected from them.

I’m now a confident Personal Trainer working for an international gym chain. The future looks so bright for me; I’m even enquiring about doing a season on a Cruise ship as part of the Royal Caribbean fitness team! OriGym has helped to make my dreams come true.


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