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Why Study A Level 5 PT Course?

Become a Level 5 EQF personal trainer with OriGym's highly sought-after Level 4 personal trainer courses (Level 5 EQF).

Enhance your learning knowledge, skill set and earning capacity by becoming a Level 5 (EQF) speciality trainer with OriGym's REPs (UK) and CIMSPA recognised, Internationally acclaimed qualifications. 

Stand out from the crowd and increase your earnings by working with clients in special populations that the level 3 in personal training (Level 4 EQF) does not allow.

The Level 4 personal training qualification (Level 5 EQF) is the highest accolade for a personal trainer, putting you in the top 5% of trainers in Ireland and enables you to advertise yourself as a fitness specialist to prospective clients.

OriGym provides three popular Level 5 Personal Training courses:

Level 5 Obesity and Weight Management Course

- Level 5 Lower Back Pain Management (LBP) Course

- Level 5 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Course 

Highly successful personal trainers understand the need for continuous education and having a niche to distinguish their services and give them an edge within a competitive market. The Level 5 EQF personal training course will provide you with exceptional knowledge within one speciality area and help you expand your client portfolio, so why not start today by making an enquiry or downloading our free prospectus.

Entry Requirements:

Level 4 in Personal Training

Course Type:


Course Length:

10 Weeks (Average)


Focus Awards & CIMSPA, 

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Available Packages

Master Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

  • Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Level 4 Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Level 5 Nutrition in Weight Management & Athletic Performance
0% Interest Payment Plans
CIMSPA recognised
  • Business & Marketing CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Hydration for Sport CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Advanced Periodisation Training CPD
0% Interest Payment Plans

The Expert Trainer Package

  • Level 4 Exercise Referral
  • Level 5 Certificate in Diabetes Control & Weight Management
  • Level 5 Certificate in Obesity Control & Weight Management
  • Level 5 Nutrition in Weight Management & Athletic Performance
0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Kettlebells CPD
  • Boxing & Pad Work CPD
  • Circuits CPD
  • Group Training CPD
  • Strength & Conditioning CPD
  • Bodyweight Training CPD
  • Hydration for Sport CPD
  • Business & Marketing CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
0% Interest Payment Plans

Level 5 EQF Personal Trainer Courses through OriGym

At OriGym we currently run four of the most sought after Level 5 Personal Trainer courses that you can elect to specialise in

Level 5 Qualification in Lower Back Pain Management

Completing the Level 5 lower back pain management course allows you to write tailored programmes for those suffering from lower back issues, which is an ever-growing demographic as we get older as a population. Liaise with physiotherapists, clinics and osteopaths on a client referral basis and advertise yourself to freelance clients as Level 5 specialist.

Course Type: Online, with support from your personal tutor 7-days per week.
Entry Requirements: You must hold a Level 4 Personal Training qualification, or Exercise Referral qualification. You must also be aged 16+.
Accreditations: Accredited by Focus Awads and recognised by both REPs (UK) and CIMSPA.
Cost: €799 with no fees for certifications or exams.

Level 5 Qualification in Obesity

Obesity is one of the UK's biggest health problems right now, and the demand for experts in this field has never been higher. As an obesity control specialist, you will learn how to help those struggling manage their weight, improve their fitness and ultimately their quality of life.

Course Type: Online, with 7-day a week personal tutor support.
Entry Requirements: Requires students to hold a Level 4 Personal Training award or a qualification in Exercise Referral. Students must also be aged 16+ to enrol.
Accreditations: Accredited by Focus Awads and recognised by both REPs (UK) and CIMSPA.
Cost: €799 with no fees for certifications or exams.

Level 5 Qualification in Nutrition and Diabetes Management

With over 6% of Ireland's population now diagnosed with diabetes, this is a vastly growing market that requires specialist trainers that fully understand the condition and write and deliver effective programmes to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Course Type: Online, with 7-day a week personal tutor support.
Entry Requirements: Requires students to hold a Level 4 Personal Training award or a qualification in Exercise Referral. Students must also be aged 16+ to enrol.
Accreditations: Accredited by Focus Awads and recognised by both REPs (UK) and CIMSPA.
Cost: €799 with no fees for certifications or exams.

Level 5 Qualification in Nutrition for Sport & Exercise

Becoming a Master personal trainer and nutritionist is an avenue you may want o to explore if you want to offer weight loss or nutrition plans to both recreational clients, semi-professional and professional athletes. Advertise yourself as freelance nutritionist coach and expert or work as a certified nutritionist for both private and public sector organisations.

Course Type: Online, with distance tutoring support (phone and email) 7 days per week.
Entry Requirements: This course has no qualification requirements. Students must be aged 16+ to enrol.
Cost: €1199 with no fees for certifications or exams.

Find out more about each of these Level 5 qualifications by downloading our latest prospectus.

Study Options

OriGym has four different Level 5 Personal Training qualifications that you can undertake and they are all able to be completed via e-learning through OriGym's multi-award nominated training platform. 

This enables you to study around your timetable and clients at a pace suitable to you. You will be able to start the same day you enrol and start progressing towards becoming a Level 5 personal trainer.

We are constantly refining our platform to give you the best possible learning experience and up to date resources which includes:

  • Online lectures
  • Videos and webinars
  • Fully interactive resources
  • E-books and PDFs

Our success has really come down to the level of support we give each and every student. During the course, you will get access to 7 days per week tutor support from qualified teachers, personal trainers and assessors and we are the only company in Ireland to offer this. 

The Lower Back Pain Management course is the only Level 5 personal training certificate that requires a practical assessment, which can be completed at one of our three training centres in Limerick, Dublin or Cork.

Careers & Progression

The Level 5 Personal Training qualifications allow you to advertise and market yuorself as a certified Level 5 status trainer and  makes you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to offer unique services that Level 4 trainers will not be able to provide, and apply for roles within clinics, wellbeing centres and liaise with the medical community to gain referrals. 

OriGym prides itself on not just the service we provide during courses, but what we do with our graduates after qualifying as a Level 5 personal trainer. 

Career Support

Following completion, you will get immediate access to our post-course support team who can help you with compiling a top-notch CV, distribute your CV for you, provide career, business and marketing support, plus guaranteed interviews with some of our corporate partners if you wish to. additionally, you will get exclusive access to our jobs board where dozens of the largest brands in the UK advertise their fitness roles and where there are around 9,000 live jobs at any one time. 

Progression Routes

Adding strings to your bow, continuing your professional development and most importantly adding extra revenue streams to your business is critical to any successful trainer. With that in mind, you can widen your reach by qualifying as a sports massage therapist, yoga instructor or strength and conditioning coach and work with professional and amateur athletes.

Alumni Benefits

OriGym has worked hard to create an alumnus to help you get started in the industry on the right footing and that will support your career in personal training. Therefore, we have set-up exclusive discounts with dozens of companies from website development, accountancy, supplements, and personal training software through to fitness apparel and insurance. We have your career covered!

What You’ll Learn

Here we have broken down the holistic overviews of each Level 5 qualifications in Personal Training, but visit the individual course pages or download our prospectus for a more detailed course overview.

Level 5 Lower Back Pain Management

On this programme students will cover:

  • Types of lower back pain
  • Assessment strategy
  • Intelligent activity planning
  • Impact and symptoms of back problems
  • Causes of back problems
  • Posture and movement

Level 5 Obesity Control

Studying this programme, students will learn:

  • Understanding obesity
  • Treating obesity
  • Designing and delivering weight loss plans
  • Understanding long-term behaviour

Level 5 Diabetes Control

Studying this programme, students will learn:

  • Understanding diabetes
  • Treating diabetes
  • Designing and delivering weight loss plans
  • Understanding long-term behaviour

Level 5 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

On this course students will be taught about: 

  • Macros and micros
  • Understanding nutrition legislation
  • Relationships between nutrition and physical activity
  • The business of nutrition
  • Nutrition for the elderly and special populations
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets

OriGym is proud to qualify 7,000 fitness professionals each year across Ireland and the UK. We have been nominated for multiple awards including “Training provider of the Year” in 2017 and 2018 in addition to being a finalist for "The Most Innovative Provider" at the Active Training Awards. 

OriGym also is a Trustpilot partner, the largest and most trustworthy review platform in the world to showcase hundreds of genuinely satisfied customers.

OriGym is also an IS9001 certified business which means our systems and processes have been external certified and only a few training providers in the world have this accolade. 

Additionally, OriGym has partnerships with some of the biggest gym chains in Ireland and the UK including JD Gyms, Sports Direct and DW Fitness First, helping to place over 90% of graduates into work within weeks of qualifying. Additionally, we run the academies for these companies as well as partnerships with the MOD (Ministry of Defence) and QMU University all whom trust OriGym with their training, so you know you can too. 

At OriGym we believe in making affordable training available to all. We do not apply or include fees for exams, re-sits, registrations, certifying or apply admin fees that are rife with our competitors. Additionally, we own many of our own training centres, thus cutting out venue hire costs that other providers place upon their students enabling us to offer the most cost-effective courses in Ireland. 

Yes, OriGym has supported many students in the past and present that have some form of physical disability. We deliberately partner with gyms and venues that have disabled access to not disadvantage such students.

OriGym will determine at point of enrolment the extent of your physical capabilities to ensure the course is a good fit for you. If we do not deem the course a good fit, we have the right to decline the enrolment on the grounds of being in the student’s best interests.

If you lose your certificate within 3 years of completing your course you can order a new one, but there is a 40 euro fee, plus postage to order a new one. If you lose your certificate past the three years you will need to request a new one from the appropriate awarding body your qualification was obtained via. 


OriGym prides itself on not just being a course provider but offering a comprehensive post course support programme that is unrivalled by any competitor both in Ireland and Internationally. 

As soon as you complete your course, OriGym's recruitment team will arrange a career consultation with you, help you construct your CV, giving you templates to work with and then manual review it for you and providing feedback to ensure its spot on.

Then we will distribute your CV in accordance to your post code to secure interviews whether that being for gym instructing, personal training or sports massage positions. OriGym has the largest network of corporate partners in Ireland and can guarantee interviews at most of them.

We will even provide you with interview support over the phone or email in addition to giving you some useful resources that you can use that will help you during the interview process. 

Take full advantage of OriGym's extensive alumni, which allows you to get exclusive discounts on gym equipment, clothing, supplements and more.

The Level 5 Personal Trainer qualifications in Nutrition for Weight Management for Athletic Performance, Lower Back Pain Management and Obesity and Diabetes Control are all accredited by Focus Awards and most are recongised by both REPs (UK) and CIMSPA.

Level 5 qualifications are specialised courses with particular aspects of fitness. What you will learn varies greatly based on the Level 5 course you elect to study. 

If you decide to enrol onto the Level 5 Lower Back Pain Management Course, you will cover posture and movement, how to assess clients and create bespoke programmes for helping risk management and cure.

The Obesity & Diabetes course covers nutrition weight management and diet planning to help manage, reduce and prevent diabetes. You will learn how to assess and develop customised programmes for those who suffer from Diabetes, including understanding psychological behaviours and knowing how to support clients with this condition. 

With the Level 5 Nutrition for Sport is a very in-depth nutrition qualification around sporting performance, including topics such as micros and macros, effects of steroids in athletes and diets including Vegan and vegetarian and much more.

Assessments vary depending on which Level 5 course you decide to go for. All theoretical assessments and coursework will be completed online in the comfort of your own home. Assessments where a practical examination is required, you will travel to one of OriGym's 3 National Assessment centres in Dublin, Limerick or Cork.

Dependent on which Level 5 course you wish to study, you may need prior qualifications.

For the Level 5 Lower Back Pain Management, Level 5 Obesity and Level 5 Diabetes qualifications, students will be required to hold a Level 4 Personal Training or Exercise Referral qualification (or equivalent).

For the Level 5 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise course, there are no prior qualification prerequisites.

For both programmes, students must be aged 16 or older.


Join hundreds of our personal training graduates working with leading UK and international gym brands.

Guaranteed Interviews

OriGym guarantees post-course interviews with leading gym brands, securing your dream specialist personal training role.

Professional Guidance

Free CV analysis, 1-to-1 interview preparation, and expert career advice equip you for ongoing success.

Alumni Benefits

Hundreds of exclusive discounts including supplements, clothing & insurance to help you excel as a personal trainer.

  • Puregym
  • Virgin Active
  • Everlast Fitness Club
  • DW Fitness First
  • JD Gyms
  • Sport Direct Fitness


Angel Howarth PT Image

Angel Howarth

Fitness Influencer & Personal Trainer

Amazing Course & Career

After having a long-term passion for fitness and having built up her fitness Instagram page (@angfitpt) following to nearly 60k, Angel was getting messages constantly regarding her routines and workout posts. She decided to enrol onto OriGym's Personal Training Diploma and since has also started her Advanced Nutrition Qualification to offer her followers expert, qualified advice. 

Before I started the course, I was a lover of the gym, but unsure where I wanted to take my career. I was at university studying something I couldn’t see myself doing. That was until I found OriGym. I wanted to do the course so I could learn more about a passion of mine and eventually turn it into a career. I wanted the knowledge to turn my passion into my day to day life. I am now going to start working in a gym as a personal trainer, building my own business and hopefully continue to study around the subject too. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Ramnik Personal Training image

Ramnik Sembi

Founder of Ramnik Personal Training

Invaluable practical experience!

Before OriGym Ramnik was facing redundancy after a 10-year career. With an existing interest in health and fitness, Ramnik knew a role helping others to reach their goals would suit his personality and ambition. Searching online, he signed up to the Level 3 Gym Instructor and Level 4 Personal Trainer course

I absolutely made the right decision to choose OriGym! I’m very grateful for their continued support and their amazing tutors. They are really encouraging, helping to build your confidence to succeed. OriGym’s approach to flexibility encouraged me to study in my own time through online assessments and tutorials. Perfect for a busy parent juggling responsibilities.

My career since has gone from strength to strength. I set up my own brand whilst studying, creating a home-based studio where I train my clients. I also work as a Group Fitness Instructor, have set up my own HIIT fitness event and work with local academies encouraging children to enjoy exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

sue evans image

Sue Evans

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

I love my new career!

Before joining OriGym, Sue worked in a gym as a Membership Sales Advisor. Many new members asked if Sue would be willing to train them, but as she wasn't qualified, she had to keep turning them down. Researching several companies, Sue enrolled on OriGym's Personal Training Diploma and has never looked back!

I researched many fitness courses but kept coming back to OriGym. I felt a good vibe from the team and the owners Luke and Steph are friendly & down to earth. I loved how involved they were in the courses! The course itself was AMAZING! The staff and teachers were fantastic, I really felt that they cared about me and my progress, going above and beyond what I had ever expected from them.

I’m now a confident Personal Trainer working for an international gym chain. The future looks so bright for me; I’m even enquiring about doing a season on a Cruise ship as part of the Royal Caribbean fitness team! OriGym has helped to make my dreams come true.


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