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For fitness professionals and personal trainers, instructing group exercise classes can be a tremendously lucrative endeavour due to the large amount of clients you can enquire. These sessions can also aid with client retention, as it’s proven that group training actually results in more clients coming back time and time again.

OriGym’s Group Fitness Instructor CPD will teach how to pace these training sessions in order to get results that meet your demographics' different goals.

Entry Requirements:

Level 3 Fitness Instructor

Course Type:

CPD Short Course

Course Length:

1 Day


Recognised PD Approval

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Available Packages

Advanced CPD Bundle

  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Advanced Periodisation CPD
  • Business Sales and Marketing CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

Gold Personal Trainer Course Package

  • Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans
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  • Medicine Ball Training CPD
  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Body Weight Training CPD
  • Advanced Training Systems CPD
  • Postural Analysis CPD
  • Business & Marketing CPD
Individual RRP:
0% Interest Payment Plans

OriGym’s CPD Group Exercise Training course will help you understand the demands of group training sessions and how to structure successful, enjoyable, and rewarding classes for groups of up to six people.

This course will also help you stand out from other fitness instructors by honing your practical skills and theoretical understanding of a group’s diverse needs. In doing so, you will be able to increase your overall popularity and income as a result.

  • Course Length: One day-long in-person workshop.
  • Entry Requirements: Level 3 Fitness Instructor. Students must also be aged 16 or over. 
  • Accreditations: This course is recognisedby PD Approval.
  • Cost: €150 or you can buy six CPD courses for just €570
  • Study Method: Our CPD Group Fitness Instructor course is taught in a workshop format over the course of a day of intense training.

Assessment: Our Group Exercise Instructor CPD course ends with a 45-minute-long assessment where you’ll be observed demonstrating your knowledge, practical planning, and delivering of a group training session. This will include a combination and a 16-session personalised plan. 

To help you become an effective group training instructor we’ll equip you with a wide range of skills for planning, demonstrating, and delivering different exercise regimes for groups. During your extensive one-day workshop you’ll cover the following topics:

The Benefits of Group Training

As a workshop group you’ll discuss the benefits group training can have on instructors, class members and businesses. You’ll also cover what actually constitutes group training and what doesn’t. 

Periodisation and the Phases of Training

Here we’ll cover the three phases of group training and how the power pyramid relates to each phase. You’ll also learn the different concepts and types of periodisation to pace these sessions appropriately. 

The 16 Session Periodised Plan

This part of the workshop will cover the 16 session periodised plan designed to span four weeks of progressive training. You’ll also identify and include where combinations of exercises can fit into this  plan. 

Combinations and Fitness Tests

This practical module will teach you different combinations and tests including cardio vs clock, mini triathlons, and more. We’ll also explain the reasoning behind different choices and their effectiveness as part of the 16 session plan from the previous module. 

Our CPD Group Fitness Instructor course is taught in a workshop format over the course of a day of intense training.

Completing OriGym’s Group Exercise Instructor CPD will give you all of the essential skills needed to enhance your fitness classes and generic group training around a particular exercise or combination.

To offer group personal training and train people towards similar goals with bespoke fitness regimes, you can complete a Level 4 Personal Trainer course. This will allow you to work with groups of individuals and design exercise plans towards their specific goals.

You can also get this Group Fitness Instructor CPD course, along with 5 others, for free in a package with our Diploma in Personal Training. This will allow you to combine all the best parts of teaching classes and groups with a higher salary and more specific training. 

On the day of attendance, a 45-minute long observational assessment will take place where students will be tasked with demonstrating their new group training skills and knowledge. The assessment will be overseen by a qualified teacher and assessor who will lead your training.

Aside from being aged 16 years or older, students must hold a Level 3 Fitness Instructor qualification to enrol on this course.

This course takes place over one day at one of our locations during a face-to-face workshop.

Yes, our Group Training CPD course is recognised by PD Approval.


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Angel Howarth PT Image

Angel Howarth

Fitness Influencer & Personal Trainer

Amazing Course & Career

After having a long-term passion for fitness and having built up her fitness Instagram page (@angfitpt) following to nearly 60k, Angel was getting messages constantly regarding her routines and workout posts. She decided to enrol onto OriGym's Personal Training Diploma and since has also started her Advanced Nutrition Qualification to offer her followers expert, qualified advice. 

Before I started the course, I was a lover of the gym, but unsure where I wanted to take my career. I was at university studying something I couldn’t see myself doing. That was until I found OriGym. I wanted to do the course so I could learn more about a passion of mine and eventually turn it into a career. I wanted the knowledge to turn my passion into my day to day life. I am now going to start working in a gym as a personal trainer, building my own business and hopefully continue to study around the subject too. I’m excited for what the future holds!

Sophie Dennison

Fitness Influencer

Sophie Dennsion is a leading influencer within the health and fitness sector with a 195k followers on Instagram alone. She opted to study with OriGym as her chosen training provider for her Personal Training qualifications.

Follow Sophie's fitness and PT journey: @sophie_does_squats

I have had such a wonderful experience with Origym. I started and completed my Level 2 Gym Instructor theory within lockdown and passed my practical after lockdown. The Origym tutors were super helpful with feedback on work. Also, the programme design had lots of information and I could work at my own pace! 

Heather Hacking, Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Heather Hacking

Founder of Heather Hacking PT

Fantastically Structured & Well Organised

As a mother of three children after spending the past nine years building her career as a solicitor, Heather made the decision to follow a life-long passion for health, wellness and fitness, and pursue a career as a personal trainer.

Studying part-time with OriGym to fit around family and work, I achieved my Level 3 Gym Instructor and Level 4 Personal Training qualifications. I found OriGym’s courses to be fantastically structured and well organised, and my tutor Andy Tsang was brilliant - he taught me so much!

After graduating I started my fitness business with the sole purpose of empowering women, both physically and mentally. My business has now been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Breakthrough Personal Trainer’ category at Northern Ireland’s Health & Fitness Awards 2019 - I am so thrilled! I am very grateful to OriGym for giving me such a great foundation to launch my business from.


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