Personal Trainer Salary Explained

personal trainer salary

How Much Do Personal Trainers Earn?

Personal trainer salary

Once you’ve completed your level 4 qualification, you can expect your personal trainer salary to range anywhere between €26,411 and €43,740 a year, according to data published by the Salary Expert.

 Average personal trainer salary uk


  • Understanding The Average Personal Trainer Salary
  • How You Work As A PT Can Impact Your Salary
  • Location Will Affect Your Personal Trainer Salary
  • Which Gyms Pay Personal Trainers The Most?
  • How To Boost Your Personal Trainer Salary

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Understanding The Average Personal Trainer Salary

Average salary personal trainer

Several factors normally determine a personal trainer salary, these include:

  • Level of experience
  • The qualifications held by a PT
  • Where a personal trainer works
  • The number of hours they work

There are job websites you can visit to discover how much a PT makes. Indeed, for example, indicates that the average salary of a personal trainer is €19,337.

This figure is calculated from personal trainers who have posted their salaries on the Glassdoor website.

You can read our ‘How to Become a personal trainer’ article to help you understand how you can acquire new skills and maximise your earning potential with a level 4 diploma.

How You Work As A PT Can Impact Your Salary

Personal trainer salary uk

Three main employment types can influence the salary of a personal trainer, they are:

  • Working as a personal trainer at a gym
  • Working as a freelance personal trainer
  • Working as a self-employed personal trainer

Let’s explore these forms of employment in further detail and what each position involves.

#1 Working As A Personal Trainer For A Gym

When you work as a personal trainer at a gym, you’ll have different responsibilities to carry out, these include:

  • Performing physical assessments to create tailored training plans for clients
  • Running face-to-face training sessions
  • Monitoring clients’ progress
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Performing marketing and administrative tasks

If you wanted to work for Pro Fitness Tralee in Count Kerry, you could earn up to €49,739 annually as a personal trainer.

In this role, for instance, you would need to be available to work weekends and overtime on top of your regular work hours Monday through Friday.When applying for personal trainer positions at gyms, it's important to make sure you read all the duties on a job advert to make sure you’re the right candidate for the position.

#2 Working As A Freelance Personal Trainer

If you don’t wish to work for an employer you should consider becoming a freelance personal trainer is a great alternative. It gives you flexibility and complete control over your workload.

When viewing vacancies you’ll notice that facilities offer different working hours, which means you have to choose a position that works with your schedule to help you secure clients.

Some freelance positions require to build a client base through positive relationships and adhere to the company guidelines such as the Personal Fitness Trainer position for Terenue Health & Fitness.

#3 Working As A Self-Employed Personal Trainer

Becoming a self-employed personal trainer is an attractive prospect. This type of employment allows you to set your schedule and deliver unique services that maximise your earnings.

It’s possible to have uncapped earnings in this employment type depending on your services and the number of hours you work.

Working as a self-employed PT, it’s important to make sure you invest in your business development to help create a stable income for yourself.

Location Will Affect Your Personal Trainer Salary

If you look at this table below, you can see how the average personal trainer wage varies between the top 10 biggest cities in the UK.

Cities in the Republic of IrelandPersonal Trainer Salary (per annum)


From this data, you can see how personal trainers in Limerick have a higher average salary compared to PTs in Cork.


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Which Gyms Pay Personal Trainers The Most?

If you’re looking to increase your earning potential, it’s important to know which gyms offer the highest average salaries to secure a role that is right for you.

 Average personal trainer salary uk 77


 Working as a personal trainer at a recognisable gym such as Anytime Fitness is different from working as a freelance or self-employed trainer.

In an employed gym position, you’ll be required to work shift hours determined by your employer and train clients that are already members of the gym.

This is different from a self-employed or freelance personal trainer position, where you can determine your hours, the type of clients you want to work for and the services you wish to offer.

How To Boost Your Personal Trainer Salary

Personal trainer salary 2

Tip #1 Gain Extra Qualifications To Increase Your Personal Trainer Salary

You can also boost your earning potential by completing additional qualifications. They will make you more attractive to employers but also competitive if you decide to become self-employed. 

You can increase your employment prospects with one of our sports massage courses which demonstrates to employers you can also provide rehabilitative treatments for clients.

If you complete one of our nutrition courses, you’ll be able to charge a premium rate to assist clients who need training plans that complement their health condition.

Tip #2 Build A Strong Brand To Boost Your Personal Trainer Salary

If you’re looking to become a self-employed PT, you'll need to know some personal trainer marketing strategies that will help you promote your fitness brand.

This includes carrying out research to:

When you know how to promote your brand, you’ll see an increase in your revenue.


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