19 Best Online Personal Training Software Options

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Using online personal trainer software can help to grow your business, but deciding what brand to use can be difficult with the expanding marketplace.

This article will provide you with a definitive list of the best web based personal trainer software available to date, and explain why it can be beneficial to your practice. 

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Best Web Based Personal Training Software

#1 - Mindbody

#1 - MindBody Online Personal Trainer Software

Price: 139.12- €466 per month (Depending on Your Chosen Package)

Mindbody offers one of the best online personal trainer software options available to date, providing an all-around package of features to help complete the daily roles and responsibilities of a PT.

Founded in 2001, this virtual personal trainer software is the longest-standing company of its type, specifically crafted for PTs offering online services.

As one of the higher-end entries on our list, you can expect to pay a slightly higher price than other competitors. 

Be aware that the company provides multiple packages to choose from, and each will vary in price and provide different features. Here’s Mindbody’s full price breakdown: 

#1 MindBody online fitness instructor software

Integration with other softwares can greatly improve the quality of an online personal trainer software. Thankfully, Mindbody provides the chance to integrate features such as Zoom, MailChimp, and Calendy.

This integration allows you to target a more diverse client base who will be invested in different aspects. For example, when using Mindbody you can complete tasks such as:

  • Schedule classes & appointments
  • Create and manage waitlists
  • Custom API integrations
  • Email & marketing automation
  • Medical tracking
  • Promotional offers

By using Mindbody you can therefore perform multiple tasks simultaneously, in order to benefit your clients. 

To test whether this online fitness instructor software is appropriate for your business, we’d advise making use of Mindbody’s free demo. This will be completely customised to your business, offering complete personalisation. 

#2 - PT Distinction

#2 PT Distinction Online Personal Trainer Software

Price: €18.19 - €84.82+ per month (Depending on Package)

PT Distinction is a personal trainer streaming software that offers a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to streamline your business.

You will immediately notice the level of customisation that PT Distinction provides, as once your profile is created you will be advised to create/upload a personalised logo. In addition to this, your account can also be altered to match your brand's colour scheme. 

The pricing breakdown for each package and what each entails can be found below:

#2 PT Distinction personal trainer online software

Some of the other features that PT Distinction specialise in include:

  • Nutrition tracking
  • Integration with own personal training website
  • Customisable forms & assessments
  • Online community of trainers to communicate with
  • Integration with MyFitnessPal

But by far the most beneficial aspect of this virtual personal trainer software is the back catalogue of workouts. As an online PT you will be able to use these examples to create a bespoke workout programme for your clients. 

You can even edit the text instructions for each exercise if you want to really personalise the experience for your clients. This feature will be beneficial for clients who require amendments, as you can offer direct written instructions.

#3 - Nudge Coach

#3 Nudge Coach virtual personal training software

Price: Free - €95.30+ per month (Depending on Your Package)

If you’re looking for high-quality online personal trainer software for free, Nudge Coach is one of the best options out there. 

Nudge Coach aims to streamline and simplify your everyday needs as a business owner, with the main focus being to create accountability and improve client relations. This is possible through an array of interactive and intelligent features.

For example, Nudge Coach can help to create SMART fitness goals for your clients, which will hold your clients accountable for their training by sending them alerts. These notifications will act as reminders for your clients, encouraging them to stay on track.

Other popular features of Nudge Coach include: 

  • Custom branded platform
  • Creation custom forms & trackers
  • Form groups
  • Community & leaderboards
  • Schedule individual & group messages
  • Online forums
  • Zoom integration
  • Smart watch real-time tracking

Be aware that some of these features will only be available:

#3 Nudge Coach Online Fitness Instructor Software

A standout feature of this personal trainer software for online PTs is the messaging system. Messages are sent and received within the branded app, ensuring all your important communications are stored in one location. 

This means that you can perform check-ins on the app itself, as well as sending inspirational words of encouragement as and when your clients need them most.

#4 - StrengthPortal

#4 Strength Portal online personal trainer software free

Price: €23.83 - €238.38+ per month (Depending on Your Package)

At its core, StrengthPortal provides a one-stop virtual personal training software for all your management needs. 

Users particularly praise the media integration feature, which allows personal trainers to incorporate clips from YouTube and Vimeo videos into their training packages. 

This will allow clients who are visual learners to observe directly, instead of simply following instructions. 

You can even upload clips of yourself to add another layer of personalisation to your bespoke programmes. This seeks to engage clients and promote a positive response to your service, with other popular features including: 

  • Mindbody integration
  • Huge exercise library
  • Web browser & mobile app

In order to test whether this personal trainer online software is suitable for your business, why not test out the 14-day FREE trial. Following this, you can choose from any of the following packages: 

#4 Strength Portal personal trainer software online

Regardless of which package you choose, this online personal trainer software will allow you to converse with clients in a simple and straightforward manner. This feature allows you to perform responsibilities such as:

  • Deliver bespoke workout plans
  • Providing feedback on a client’s performance 
  • Send notifications/alerts to remind clients of important deadlines 

StrengthPortal even monitors your client’s body metrics, allowing you to clearly see their progress. This can also be used to motivate your PT clients, as you will have direct figures that can show them how much they have improved.

#5 - Appointy

#5 Appointy Online Fitness Instructor Software

Price: Free - €76.25+ per Month (Depending on Your Package)

If you’re looking to use online personal trainer software for free, Appointy is certainly an ideal choice. If you’re interested in setting up an Appointy account, follow these 3-simple steps:

  • Step One: Set up your availability e.g. Time that you’re available to train clients, or the fitness class capacity.
  • Step Two: Share your booking URL through your clients preferred means of communication.
  • Step Three: View all the confirmed bookings and integrate it through your virtual calendar.

Appointy is often regarded as one of the best online personal trainer softwares as it allows users to perform tasks such as: 

  • Self-scheduling for clients
  • Integration with your website
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly schedules in one click
  • Recurring bookings
  • Multiple service booking
  • Zoom & Facebook integration
  • Multiple different PT payment methods 

Following the end of a 14-day free trial users can decide to simply stick with the free variation. This option will be ideal for those who are newly qualified, or simply have a smaller client base. 

Those interested in paying for improved features should reference the breakdown below:

#5 Appointy best virtual personal trainer software

Finally, Appointy is great if you’re looking for an online fitness instructor software that specialises in marketing. 

For example, it comes with built-in marketing and social promotions, allowing you create campaigns with ease, that in turn will generate more leads.

#6 - Total PT Fitness

#6 Total PT Fitness online personal trainer software free

Price: €19.01 - €94.31+ per month (Depending on Your Package) 

Total PT Fitness is a virtual personal trainer software created by PTs for PTs. Once you have an account a plethora of extensive features will become available, which will be particularly beneficial for multi-location businesses. 

The real stand-out features of Total PT Fitness includes the likes of:

  • A database of meal plans that have been crafted by an in-house nutritionist
  • The ability to track the progress and functionality of a client
  • Over 3,000 exercises in the library to create the bespoke plan

With the available exercises in their back catalogue, it’s easy to build and edit programmes with Total PT Fitness. To find what you’re looking for, use the site’s search engine to filter results based on:

  • Body Part
  • Muscle Group
  • Exercise Type
  • Available Equipment 

There is a competitive pricing plan to suit a variety of budgets, and as with other entries on the list you will unlock more features with increased payments:

#6 Total PT Fitness Personal Trainer Online Software

Other key features of this online personal trainer software are:

  • More than 3,000 exercises in the library
  • Goal tracking
  • Client fitness portal
  • Automated payments
  • Zoom integration
  • Nutrition & meal planning
  • Diet analysis

It’s the final two points that are particularly prominent within Total PT Fitness, as the virtual personal training software offers a lot of nutritional properties.

For example, the software offers 1,400 meals with over 25,000 types of ingredients in their rich database. This information can be transferred into client meal plans, which can then be customised specifically.

#7 - Total Coaching

#7 TotalCoaching web based personal training software

Price: €14 - €219 per month (Depending on Your Package)

Total Coaching’s powerful features, combined with its simplistic interface and robust functionality, make it the best online personal trainer software for client management and communication. 

The app’s can integrate into a variety of devices, ensuring that you can connect seamlessly with different groups of clients. This allows you to keep your customers up to date with your schedule, making any changes as and when they occur. 

When it comes to personal trainers this online software’s most notable feature is its database of exercise and nutrition information. 

For example, the exercise library has 1,000 fully animated exercises, which you can use to produce detailed training programmes for your clients to follow. 

This feature is perfect for online PTs, as it allows you to create thorough training routines that your client can follow, similar to a video guide from YouTube.

But be aware that Total Coaching charges you more money depending on how many clients you have. For reference, see the pricing breakdown below: 

#7 TotalCoaching personal trainer software online

In addition to this exercise catalogue, the nutrition database boasts more than 20,000 ingredients, with real-time nutritional analysis to focus on your client’s eating habits. 

This includes the ‘Fridge Feature’ which allows clients to store recipes, along with other features such as: 

  • Calorie and macro tracking
  • Clients can upload progress photos & update their weight
  • Clients can upload videos for you to assess form

With these combined features, Total Coaching has earned a rightful place on our list of the best virtual personal trainer softwares. When implemented correctly you can ensure that your clients have a well-balanced nutrition plan and workout programme.


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#8 - WeStrive

#8 We Strive best online personal trainer software

Price: Free - €190 per month (Depending on your package)

WeStrive is the ideal online personal trainer software for business operations of a variety of sizes. Regardless of whether you’ve just earned your personal trainer diploma, or are an experienced professional, you can use the software to your advantage. 

For example, bodyweight graphs and workout trackers, this software is packed with beneficial features, such as: 

  • Client progression graphs
  • Customisable branded website
  • Calendar syncing
  • Exercise database
  • Onboarding surveys
  • Group messaging
  • Automated billing (Stripe) & emails

As evident from the pricing structure mentioned above, you can use this online personal trainer software for free, or choose a pricing structure that works for your budget. WeStrive is another example of a software that charges more depending on your number of clients: 

#8 We Strive  online personal trainer software for free

The WeStrive team wants to ensure that every user has the best experience possible, and are therefore making more features free to access. In addition to this, the team greatly appreciates feedback, and even encourages you to make your voice heard for future updates.

#9 - VirtuaGym

#9 VirtuaGym web based personal training software

Price: Only available following the end of trial-period 

For those of you who find yourselves consistently running out of time to get things done, thus online fitness instructor software from Virtuagym will become an indispensable resource. 

Once a profile has been created on Virtuagym clients will have 24/7 access to your services. This means they have access to features such as:

  • The ability to book sessions
  • Your calendar of availability
  • Pre-recorded workouts for their own bespoke programmes
  • Automated payment integrations
  • Zoom, Google Hangout, and YouTube integration 

But the innovative features don’t stop there. With Virtuagym, you’ll have access to a wide range of client engagement tools that will improve reward functionality, as well as a comprehensive guide to social media integration.

As one of the best web based personal trainer softwares online, Virtuagym also comes with a rich database of more than 4,000 exercises. 

#9 VirtuaGym best virtual personal trainer softwares online

You can use these exercises within your bespoke training programmes, tailoring it to perfectly suit your clients needs. To ensure your client performs these workouts correctly you can even provide step-by-step notes regarding form and technique. 

In addition to all of these benefits, Virtuagym also offers comprehensive guidance on your clients progress. This is displayed through high-quality graphs and charts that offer an analysis of their performance and progress. 

#10 - EZ Facility

#10 EZ Facility personal trainer online software

Price: Only Available Upon Enquiry

EZ Facility is the leader in gym management and personal trainer streaming software. It provides a comprehensive package that covers everything from your initial marketing campaigns to consultations with PTs.

The power of this software cannot be understated, especially for trainers who wish to explore their client profiles in deth, in order to improve their client retention strategies. Other services include: 

  • Class & studio scheduling
  • Automated payroll & commission
  • Extensive reporting
  • Self-service for clients
  • Branded mobile app
  • Automated billing & payments
  • Zoom integration
  • On-the-fly updates to client schedules

#10 EZ Facility Online Fitness Instructor Software

While each of these features is impressive alone, what makes EZ Facility one of the best online personal trainer software options is it can help keep track of your finances. 

This is made possible with regular reports on your business’ earnings, as well notifications for client invoices. 

This will be a beneficial tool especially if you’re just starting a business and have yet to manage finances such as allowable PT expenses before. 

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#11 - ScheduleOnce

#11 Schedue One virtual personal training software

Price: Free - €9.10+ per user & month (Depending on Your package)

ScheduleOnce, from OnceHub, is a powerful virtual personal training software with native Zoom integration. 

Easily schedule video calls and meetings with the click of a few buttons. The system automatically creates a Zoom appointment when a client schedules a session with you, and even adds the date to your calendar.

The software is ideal for smaller PT businesses, as the free version gives you full access as long as you only have 3 clients in total. If you wish to increase this, you will be paying an additional €9.35 per client - e.g. if you have 5 clients you’ll pay €46.75 per month:

#11 Schedule One personal trainer software online

Take complete control of your online PT business through ScheduleOnce which allows you seamlessly complete tasks such as:

  • Control time management 
  • Alter employee workloads
  • Create automatic gaps between appointment for breaks 

New users should make note of the homepage, where they’ll immediately see an ‘Activity Stream’, as opposed to a traditional calendar. 

Think of this as the central hub where you manage your bookings and payment activity. In the setup menu, you’re able to create and edit everything to your business’ needs, from individual features to full pages.

Other key features of this virtual personal training software include:

  • Zoom integration
  • Integrated notifications
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Group meeting
  • Session packages
  • 24/7 support
  • Secure OAuth connection for video calls

Additionally, if you train clients from around the world ScheduleOnce offers advanced time zone support. This will ensure that your international clients never get left behind, allowing you to schedule work for when they need it most.

#12 - Trainerize

#12 Trainerize virtual personal trainer software

Price: FREE - €238.88+ per month (Depending on Your Package)

Trainerize is personal trainer software for online PTs - it was initially created with the intent of bridging the communication gap between clients and trainers outside of gym hours. 

Therefore, this software excels at promoting engagement and client retention, whilst providing a solid foundation for business growth and growing profits.

With some of the most innovative functions available in training software, you’ll be able to video call your clients in 4K HD clarity. 

In addition to this, clients will be able to join social groups and interact with one another, which can be beneficial for sharing their progress and offering motivation. Of course, there are a wealth of other features, such as:

  • Track client progress in multiple ways
  • Clients can upload before & after photos
  • Fitbit, Zoom & PayPal integration
  • Custom goal setting & tracking
  • Nutrition services
  • Custom branded app
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Habit trackers

This online personal trainer software has a free 30-day trial available, so you can try out their complete library of features without committing to any payment. If you find that this particular system works for you, refer to the pricing package below:

#12 Trainerize personal trainer software online

While the many robust features of Trainerize are impressive, the standout is the video coaching. This will allow you to livestream your fitness classes, which your clients can virtually attend in their own homes.

You can also use this personal trainer streaming software to post these workouts on your profile, ensuring that those that can't attend the livestream still benefit.

#13 - TrainHeroic

#13 TrainHeoric web based personal training software

Price: €9.51 - €380.99+ per month  (Depending on Your Package) 

TrainHeroic is somewhat of a niche personal trainer online software as it focuses on strength and conditioning.

Once you have set up your account you can immediately invite your clients with a simple link, following which you’ll begin creating programmes. This can be sent out to specific individuals, or multiple clients at once if you teach fitness classes.

If the latter is the case, you can create a sense of competitiveness with your clients through leaderboards. This can act as a great form of friendly motivation, encouraging others to work hard to climb the rankings. 

Speaking of building a programme for a client, you can use TrainHeroic’s extensive library to offer a myriad of modifications to suit your clients needs. 

For example, if you’re training pregnant clients you can offer alterations such as side planks and standing crunches. Other features include:

  • Custom written instructions for clients
  • Surveys for clients
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Individual and group messaging 
  • Zoom & Facebook Live integration

Compared to many of its competitors, Train Heroic is moderately priced. For a full understanding refer to cheapest and most expensive examples below:

#13 TrainHeoric online personal trainer software for free 1

#13 TrainHeoric online personal trainer software for free 2

These are just 2 examples of what you can expect to pay depending on how many clients you have, with customisable packages available to suit all personal trainers.. 

Regardless of how many clients you have, you’ll be able to use Trainheroic to communicate with them at every stage of their online programme.


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#14 - Hexfit

#14 HexFit web based personal training software

Price: €29 - €139 (Depending on Your Package)

Hexfit makes our list of the best online personal trainer software due to their dedication to offering an array of innovative features for PTs on a varied budget.

As a software, HexFit offers expert guidance on client management and workout creation, as well as nutrition planning. Regardless of the size of your business, or how much experience you have, any trainer will find a feature to benefit their needs.

By far one of the most impressive features is the smartwatch integration, which allows you to track clients progress in real-time. Once they complete a workout information such as the number of calories burned will be immediately logged into the software. 

Other features include:

  • A database of over 10,000 fully animated exercise demonstrations
  • Duplicate training programs
  • Mobile app for clients
  • Direct messaging
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Automated billing & payments
  • Food diary
  • Feedback portal
  • Unlimited clients (from Basic plan onwards)

HexFit’s pricing structure offers unparalleled flexibility, with multiple different options to suit all PTs:

#14 HexFit online fitness instructor software

This software can be particularly useful for new or inexperienced personal trainers, as its specialised AI can help you plan your training programmes. 

#15 - My PT Hub

#15 MyPTHub Online Personal Trainer Software

Price: €49.09 - €57.27 Per Month (Depending on Your Package)

My PT Hub is the pinnacle of personal trainer streaming software, in which you can deliver live on-demand workouts in a simple but effective way.

In addition to this, you will be able to perform such responsibilities as automating content delivery. This will allow you to schedule things to appear for your clients overseas, allowing you to generate profit whilst you sleep.

Their extensive library of over 250+ workouts, and over 6,500 individual exercises, ensures that creating bespoke workout programmes will be a breeze. 

You can even upload your own videos from YouTube or Vimeo to make sure clients are maintaining the correct form. 

My PT Hub is also regarded as one of the best web based personal training software is the advanced nutrition tracking. This is due to the fact that it comes with over 600,000 recipes that you customise into one meal plan.

Following a free-trial you can decide whether you want to pay for MyPTHub on a monthly or annual basis. For reference on how much this will cost refer to the screenshot below: 

#15 MyPTHub personal trainer online software

Some further features of this software include:

  • All plans offer unlimited: clients/workouts/nutrition plans
  • Email & chat support
  • Custom branded website
  • Habit tracker
  • Sell packages
  • MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Google Fit, Zoom and FitBit integration
  • Results tracking

If you’re looking for an online fitness instructor software that can help you expand your PT business, then My PT Hub is a fantastic option to consider.

#16 -

#16 Exercise online personal trainer software free

Price: Only Made Available Following Completion of Free Demo

You may have already heard of as it’s one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. As far as online personal trainer software is concerned, this is one of the most well-rounded options on the market.

A standout feature of this software is the questionnaire section which allows you to gather data relating to clients feedback, which can highlight areas of improvement. 

Knowing a person’s motivations and limitations are crucial in personal training, and without this, you could put a client in danger. This is why prioritises features that benefit your clients, including: 

  • Custom assessments
  • Client-led software
  • Leaderboards for groups
  • Set up coupons and promotions
  • Clients can select alternative movements during a workout
  • Zoom integration

Another added advantage of using this virtual personal training software is the price is tailored to your business. Simply submit relevant information to for a personalised quote:

#16 Exercise online fitness instructor software

With a simple intuitive interface that even those unfamiliar with technology can use, is perfectly accessible to every PT. 

In addition to this, you’ll also be supported with a myriad of tools that help e-commerce integration, all of which will help your business to flourish.

#17 - Vectera

#17 Vectera web based personal training software

Price: Free - €50 per month (Depending on Your Package)

Vectera is one of the highest-rated platforms for value, innovation, and user-friendliness. Users can expect a flawless business experience, which allows you to dedicate more time for your clients. 

This is a browser-based software, meaning that you don’t have to download any apps or add-ons. In fact, you can simply send your clients an invitation to join and they will be able to access Vectera on any device. 

When it comes to personal trainer software this online application will allow your clients to book sessions, and share progress updates. Whilst trainers will be able to use it to create a highly organised schedule, by connecting it to your calendar. 

Other popular features of Vectera include:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Screen sharing
  • Appointment types
  • Local & cloud recordings
  • Waiting rooms
  • Customer feedback portal
  • Automated payment collection
  • Analytics dashboard

The amount you pay per month will influence what features are available to you. To find what package would suit your business best, check out the following packages:

#17 Vectera virtual personal trainer software

By selecting the correct package, your experience using this personal trainer software online will be seamless for both you and your clients. Should your situation change, Vectera will allow you to change at a moment's notice.

#18 - FitSW

#18 Fit SW personal trainer online software

Price: Free - €94.34 per month (Depending on Your Package)

Fit SW is easy to use, and can provide you with one of the best-user friendly experiences to feature on our list.

In using this software you will be able to clearly track your client’s progress through the use of graphs. Data will be collected directly from a client’s reports in order to reflect the circumstance of their muscles, and weight fluctuations. 

If the graphs aren’t enough, you can also ask your clients to upload before and after pictures. This tool will allow you to visually demonstrate just how far a client has come since the beginning of their programme. 

You can also use other popular Fit SW features to benefit your clients, which range from:

  • Create & automate fitness programs
  • Custom progress tracking metrics
  • Custom branding options
  • Educational blog
  • Automated emails & marketing
  • Digital forms & waiver management
  • Support all major forms of payment, including cash and cheque
  • Personalised fitness blog
  • Sophisticated tracking

The number of clients you have will influence how much you end up paying for these services. A full pricing breakdown can be found below: 

#18 Fit SW personal trainer online software free

Each package variation will offer you a free-trial, which will be beneficial for testing out potential variations in order to see which is suitable for your business. 

#19 - Workout Labs

#19 Workout Labs Online Personal Trainer Software

Price: €27.63 - €281.11+ (depending on Your Package)

As one of the best virtual personal training softwares online to date, Workout Labs will allow you to perform tasks that seek to keep your clients engaged. 

For example, with an intuitive drag-and-drop workout builder, you can create programmes that are designed specifically for your clients in question. To use this feature, simply use the ‘browse by type’ function, in order to select suitable exercises. 

The software will also provide direct feedback for clients following the completion of their day, such as whether they’ve hit their targets, or whether there are areas for improvement.

Other engaging features included within Workout Labs are as followed: 

  • Illustrated workouts
  • Drag and drop programme builder
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Print or view from any device
  • Custom branded designs

Like most examples of online personal training software to appear on this list, Workout Labs pricing packages will differ depending on how many clients you have.

#19 Workout Labs Online Personal Trainer Software free

Workout Labs believe that simple solutions are often the ones that work the best, which is why this software is one of the most streamlined and easiest to use in this entire list. 

But don’t just take out word for it - take a free trial today and see how you find the software. 

What Features To Look For In Online Personal Trainer Software

Online Personal Trainer Software free

Separating ‘the best online personal trainer software’ from generic brands can improve your company’s client retention rates and overall productivity.

We have discussed many examples within this article, but here is a breakdown of features that should prioritise when choosing the right software for your business.

#1 - Look For Online Personal Training Softwares That Let You Build A Branded Website

virtual personal trainer software

When offering online personal training you’ll need a branded website to sell your services. Without this feature you will simply remain invisible to potential customers, failing to capture leads and make sales.

Online fitness softwares will often come with the option to build your own branded PT website, allowing potential clients to find you and pay for your services.

A branded site will communicate your mission statement to clients, shedding light on why they should choose your service over another PT. This information will be available wherever and whenever a potential client needs, securing new leads even outside of regular working hours. 

#2 - Online Personal Trainer Software Must Allow You To Create & Track A Client’s Progress

personal trainer software online

Typically, PTs will use virtual personal training software to offer bespoke workout programmes and create meal plans for clients.

This information will be available to your customers whenever they need it, whilst simultaneously allowing you to track their progress. 

By carefully selecting a software with this feature, you can realistically train clients from across the world, rather than restricting yourself to your local area. 

In addition to this, in order to streamline the experience for your clients, you should look for virtual personal training software that allows you to adapt these programmes at a moment's notice.

These changes should correspond with the client’s progress, for example if they’re struggling to hit their fitness goals you should make amendments to make them easier.

Likewise, if they’re continuously advancing, you can use the software to congratulate your client and provide them with additional motivation.

#3 - The Best Online Personal Trainer Software Will Incorporate Automated Email & Marketing Tools

best online personal trainer software

Using automated processes such as email marketing can help to turn potential leads into paying customers.

The best virtual personal trainer software will provide the option for you to set up a campaign that drip feeds emails into your client’s inboxes.

For example, at OriGym we use capture boxes to gain the phone number and email address of prospective clients, which looks like:


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From this, we can send them personalised emails to suit the enquiry that was made. 

These types of campaigns keep you in potential clients’ minds without putting too much pressure on them to commit to a purchase.  

Another bonus of automation is that when your marketing team uses email automation, you can track the progress of each campaign. This means that you can identify what worked and what didn’t, allowing you to fine-tune the entire process. 

#4 - Opt For Personal Trainer Streaming Software That Offers Multiplatform Integrations

virtual personal training software

Online personal trainer software usually has the option to integrate with commonly used apps, such as calendars, video conferences and social media. 

More integration options ensure that all the systems you use are working together in harmony. This will also be beneficial for your customers, as they can find your services in one place, rather than having to use multiple different systems. 

The best personal trainer software for online integration can span platforms such as:

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Zoom
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • Google Drive
  • Google/Apple/Outlook Calendar
  • Your own website

This cross platform integration allows you to have vital information in one place. This will create a seamless experience for both you and your clients, allowing you to flow from one task directly to the next.

#5 - Online Personal Trainer Software Should Include Scheduling Capabilities

best virtual personal trainer software

The vast majority of personal trainer online software will provide scheduling capabilities, which will allow your clients to book specific time slots for training sessions, or fitness classes. 

It might seem obvious, but one of the most significant benefits of using scheduling software is that both client and trainer can remain on the same page. With this in place, a session can begin on time and in an organised manner. 

These capabilities are also beneficial for the role of gym managers, or any senior member of staff responsible for directing a team. 

By utilising scheduling tools you can effectively create and manage a staff rota, and create a sense of organisation for those who work at the facility.

Before You Go! 

Online personal trainer software can benefit you regardless of what point in your career you’re at. With our list, you will be able to make an informed decision of which application will benefit both you and your clients.

OriGym’s Level 5 personal trainer courses allow you to further provide for your clients, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to provide specialist advice. 

You can also download OriGym’s FREE prospectus to learn more about all the courses we offer.


Become a Master Personal Trainer with OriGym

Boost your career potential with one of OriGym's specialist Level 5 personal training courses

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