13 Key Interview Questions for Fitness Instructors

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If you’re wondering what interview questions for a fitness instructor role to expect, we’re here to help!

Our extensive list of possible fitness instructor interview questions will help you feel prepared no matter where you are in your career.

This article will cover:

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How to Prepare for Your Fitness Instructor Interview

Before we jump straight into the fitness instructor job interview questions themselves, it’s important to consider what else you can prepare for your interview.

Do Some Research to Help You Answer Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

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Before you even begin to consider interview questions for a fitness instructor role, we’d recommend researching the brand or company that your interview is with.

You may feel confident when it comes to the job role, but it’s important that you’re aware of the mission of the particular gym that you are applying for.

Therefore, you should use the gym’s website to find the information you need. 

This information would be found on the ‘About Us’ page, which will highlight the most significant elements of the company, its branding, and beliefs. 

You can find an example here from David Lloyd gyms, as they detail their history and fitness philosophy.

Some of the most important things to be aware of before an interview are:

  • The company’s mission statement- This highlights what they believe in, and what they hope to do for members who join
  • How long the gym has operated for- This is a key point to know, to demonstrate your general knowledge of that brand when it comes to answering fitness instructor job interview questions
  • The services offered in that particular gym- Use their website, or app if they have one, to see which classes they run as well as the facilities that they have. This will give you an idea of what you can expect from the gym, the role that you’ll have, and how your skills will fit in with what they can offer
  • The gym’s target market- Knowing this will help you to understand the type of clients that attend the gym. You can then judge whether your skills match up with the goals of the majority clientele


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As well as conducting research on the company, it’s important to thoroughly read up on the role too.

To do this, we’d recommend checking out the person specification if the company has provided one.

This will give you an exact idea of:

  • What the gym is looking for in an applicant
  • Desirable skills
  • How to prepare for the interview 
  • Things to demonstrate when answering interview questions for the fitness instructor role!

Visit Your Potential Employer Before Answering Any Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questionsjoe's gym interview questions for fitness instructors graphic

We’d recommend giving yourself the opportunity to see your potential new workspace before you start the job. 

As well as getting a general gist of the environment and the fitness instructors who could become your colleagues, you’ll also be able to see how the gym is laid out, and where you’ll be training.

By mentioning that you’ve visited the gym in preparation during your fitness instructor interview, you’re demonstrating valuable skills to your potential employer, such as drive, enthusiasm and a willingness to go the extra mile.

You’ll also get an idea of the equipment that’s available and start to think about what you’ll focus on to help gym members perform at their best.

You could do this is one of the following ways:

  • Booking a gym tour
  • Attending a gym induction
  • Purchasing a day pass and fully testing out the facilities for yourself

However you decide to look around, make sure to ask the staff or even some gym members about their experience at the gym for additional insight into the company.

For instance, you could ask employees how many other instructors work at that particular gym.

This will give you an idea of the working dynamic between staff and how much responsibility or sway you’ll have within the gym. 

Another great question to ask is ‘what classes do you run?’ 

This way, you can find out if you have the relevant skills to lead a variety of classes in the gym, which is something you can immediately flag up during your fitness instructor interview.

This is a particularly beneficial question to ask if you have any specific fitness interests too, such as if you've become a Les Mills instructor and want to teach these classes

Dressing Professionally is Crucial When Answering Fitness Instructor Job Interview Questions

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Our final tip is to stick to a smart dress code when attending your interview.

Answering interview questions for a fitness instructor role in a professional manner is important, but could amount to nothing if you give a bad first impression with your appearance.

Fitness instructors may wear workout clothes on a day-to-day basis, but you certainly shouldn’t wear them to an interview!

This is because it’s likely to look unprofessional and as though you’re not taking the interview seriously.

This is why we’d advise wearing smart business attire as you would for any other job interview.

However, if the interviewer or job listing specifies that there will be a practical element to the fitness insructor interview, you should come prepared by either wearing sports attire or by bringing it along in a bag. 

13 Fitness Instructor Interview Questions and Answers

Now that you know how to prepare ahead of the big day, it’s time to turn our focus to the most important part of the interview.

We’ve compiled a list of the 13 most common fitness instructor interview questions, to give you an idea of how you could go about answering them below.

#1 Q: What made you decide to become a fitness instructor?interview questions for fitness instructor 2 graphic

Your potential employer will be looking for someone with an enthusiasm which they can share with their members, and who will contribute to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

By responding to this question with an answer that is personal to you, which highlights your fitness journey so far, you’ll get an opportunity to demonstrate these qualities.

Everybody will have a different answer to these interview questions. The fitness instructor role will be similar for most people though, so you can tailor how you answer this question to elements of the job.

You should discuss why you wanted to become a fitness instructor in a way that’s unique and specific to you. This will make you stand out and make your answer personal and interesting.

As this will be personal to you, our examples will provide you with a starting point for your answer:

I’ve always had a passion about how sports and fitness can transform somebody emotionally as well as physically…"

I’ve worked hard on my own fitness journey and I want to share that experience with others..."

I love helping people and being a fitness instructor provides unique opportunities to do this…

You can then use these points to develop your own specific answer, based on your reasons for wanting to become a fitness instructor.

#2 Q: What previous experience do you have as a fitness instructor?interview interview questions for fitness instructors image

If you are newly qualified, don’t panic when this question comes up; none of the interview questions for a fitness instructor role are designed to trick you!

As we have discussed, we’d recommend reading the job application when preparing for your interview, and identifying the skills that the role requires beforehand.

If this is your first position as an instructor, you should think of some points where you’ve demonstrated the relevant skills, and how these can be applied to the role.

For instance, you could use relevant examples from any previous employment, or from general life experience that may help you to provide evidence when answering this question.

A few transferable skills that you could mention when explaining your previous experience are:

  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Problem solving
  • Cooperation

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with relevant experience, you can think about when you achieved something you’re particularly proud of.

You can discuss what skills you developed as a result and how these will be applicable to the particular role.


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If you’re still unsure of how to approach answering fitness instructor interview questions like this, you can use these examples as a starting point:

In my previous role as a customer service assistant, my duties involved greeting customers as they entered the store, ensuring that they found everything that they were looking for. I also handled any issues that came up during the day at the customer service desk.

I feel that the skills I developed here would be great for this fitness instructor role, as I would be confident enough to approach gym members and check their experience whilst on the floor. 

I’m also confident in resolving any issues customers may have, and handling them in a professional manner which would be great for if I need to deal with any customer complaints or questions.

Remember that you are likely to be one of many fitness instructors applying for this role. 

This means that it’s important to give an answer like the one above that is relevant, specific, and helps you to stand out from the crowd!

#3 Q: What do you know about our company?

interview questions for fitness instructors 4 image

Answering this question is your opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the company and the research you’ve done for the role.

Alongside demonstrating the research that you have conducted, this also begins to turn the focus onto you and the skills and interests that make you a good candidate for the role.

This is also one of the questions that’s the easiest to plan for because you can prepare exact answers based on the language the company uses. 

As we’ve discussed in the ‘how to prepare’ section of this article, you can look at the ‘About Us’ page on the company’s website to help structure your answer.

When you’re answering these interview questions for a fitness instructor role, you could say something like:

I’ve read that [name of gym] is one of Ireland's leading fitness brands, with [number] of sites situated across the country.

Depending on the company, there’s a lot of different ways you could elaborate on your answer.

For instance, different gyms might specialise in a particular sport or style of training such as strength training.

This is where you’ll need to be a bit more specific in your answer. You need to demonstrate that you understand the company’s values and the goals of their members. For example:

I know you’re dedicated to accessibility within the fitness industry. This is a particular area of health and fitness that I’m really passionate about so I’d love to become a part of a team geared towards those goals.

#4 Q: What appeals to you about this role?

PT interview questions for fitness instructors graphic

Employers will want to know whether you’re the right candidate based on whether you understand their expectations and particular standards. 

This is why when answering fitness instructor job interview questions such as this one, you should demonstrate that your values align with the company.

This is also where you can discuss any skills you want to develop as part of the role and focus on the opportunities the job would provide. 

This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you’ve read the job description and person specification in detail.

This will show the employer that you know exactly what will be expected of you.

For example:

What appeals to me most about this particular role is the opportunity to work in this fantastic facility. I think the atmosphere is great, and I feel that I could really contribute to the already high standard of classes you have available for members. 

I’m also a very social person, so interacting with members day in and day out and helping them achieve their fitness goals is extremely appealing to me.

This answer focuses on matching specific skills and interests to the role, which helps to highlight what makes you unique, and therefore why you should be chosen over other candidates.

#5 Q: What are your career goals?

goals interview questions for fitness instructors graphic

Though this is one of the most common fitness instructor job interview questions, it’s one of the most personalised answers you can give. 

When answering, it’s important to go beyond the job role that you’re applying for. The interviewer will want to see that you have ambition, and that you hope to keep developing your skills.

It’s important to strike the balance between ambition and being realistic with what you can achieve. You should choose something that would be possible within the company you’re applying for.

This then shows that you’ll be a loyal employee and want to stay within the company and work your way up!

Here are some examples of ambitious, yet realistic answers:

I’d like to progress upwards into one of the gym manager roles here eventually."

My goal is to open up and own my own pt business from home."

I’d like to progress to become a personal trainer and gain more qualifications to develop my skill set.

As you can see in these examples, you should show how you’re keen to progress personally as well as how you might contribute to the place of work.

#6 Q: What qualities would make you an effective member of our team?

complete interview questions for fitness instructors graphic

You should also expect some interview questions for a fitness instructor role to focus on cooperation and teamwork.

As a fitness instructor, it’s important to be able to work with others within the gym. For example:

  • With other instructors, to offer effective services to customers
  • With managers, to ensure the smooth running of the gym
  • With members, in classes, inductions, and helping them generally around the gym

This is why you need to show an employer that you will be a team player and work well with other employees and gym members. 

As always you should back up your answers with examples from your previous employment and experience to show how you’ve displayed these skills before.

For example:

For the past two years I have been part of a netball team, which has taught me the importance of good communication, as well as how to be a good team player.

You could then go on to discuss specific times that you have gone above and beyond to help others. Here is a great example:

In my previous role as a sales assistant, we had monthly sales targets to meet, both individually and as a team. 

After reaching my targets, I continued to work to help the team achieve the monthly goal. As a result we sold double the target number of units.

You could mention any special forms of recognition for this, such as any awards you might have won in your employment:

I also received the employee of the month award for my commitment to this cause.

These are the things you should focus on when you’re answering interview questions for fitness instructor jobs.

If you’re finding this article helpful and want more tips on a career in the fitness industry, check out some of our others below:

#7 Q: What would you say is your biggest weakness?

interview questions for fitness instructor 2 image

As far as interview questions for fitness instructors go, this may seem like a trick question! 

However, it’s actually a great way to demonstrate your self-awareness because it shows that you are aware of gaps in your knowledge.

This can also show an employer that you’re eager to learn and develop your skills further within the role.

If you can’t think of any weaknesses this would suggest that you don’t think there’s any room for improvement.

This is why you should demonstrate your weaknesses and how you might improve, but in a way that highlights some of the strengths you have too!

By admitting your weaknesses, you can go on to demonstrate how you are working to resolve them.

For example:

In the past I’ve struggled with my organisational skills, particularly when it came to time management.

You could also explain how you are hoping to use the role to resolve your weaknesses for the benefit of the company as well as yourself:

I’m working to improve this by scheduling my time more effectively and taking extra care to complete tasks under allotted deadlines.

Although this answer begins with a weakness, you can see how we’ve very quickly turned this into a strength, by highlighting both your self-reflection and your commitment to resolving any issues.

#8 Q: What does good customer service mean to you?

assessment interview questions for fitness instructors graphic

A huge part of being a fitness instructor is working alongside gym members, which requires an excellent standard of customer service.

As part of your role you might help current or potential members of the gym in the following ways:

  • Over the phone
  • During a gym induction in person
  • On the front desk, greeting members as they come in
  • Via a chat box or other digital platforms

This is why when you’re answering interview questions for a fitness instructor role, you should be able to demonstrate your customer service experience.

Fitness instructor job interview questions such as this one can draw on a huge range of experience. Whether you’re newly qualified, or an experienced instructor, all of your previous roles will have required some level of customer service, no matter which industry.

Even if this is your first job role, you’ll definitely have some experience as a customer yourself and will be aware of what standard of services is expected.


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Some specific, transferable skills that you could base your answer around include:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Positive, happy attitude
  • Patience
  • Remaining professional at all times

You can then use these skills to develop an answer, such as:

To me, good customer service means going above and beyond to ensure that members have the most positive experience possible, and are always served with a smile.

After this, you should then go on to provide a personal experience of where you saw this skill in action, to demonstrate that you really do know what good customer service means in practice:

In my previous role as a sales assistant, I would always ask the customer if they found everything that they were looking for whilst they were making their final purchase.

If not, I would always try my best to locate the item in store, or try to source it from another branch or online.

#9 Q: How would you handle a complaint from a gym member?

complaint interview questions for fitness instructor image

Interview questions for a fitness instructor role will usually build on asking about customer service to ask about how you would deal with a complaint specifically. 

Interview questions for fitness instructors such as this one can help potential employers feel safe in the knowledge that they can trust you to handle difficult situations.

When giving your answer to this question, we’d recommend framing it as a process that you would follow when a customer is experiencing an issue.

By following a step-by-step process, this demonstrates to the employer that you are able to stay calm and in control, and can deal with customers patiently and respectfully.

This process should include:

  • Acknowledging the customer which shows that you are committed to helping them resolve the issue.
  • If you can, resolve the complaint there and then, which saves time for both the customer, yourself, and management. It also helps to maintain good customer relations by dealing with the issue quickly.
  • If not, escalate the complaint to a manager, ensuring that they know all details of the complaint
  • Check on the customer- Try to ascertain whether or not the complaint was resolved. This shows that you are committed to providing the best experience possible.


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Whether as a fitness instructor, or in another customer-service based role, you could then give an example of how you have handled a complaint, using a similar system:

In my previous sales assistant role, a customer felt that the product that they had purchased last week was not up to standard.

Firstly, I apologised to the customer for the inconvenience caused by this issue, before asking them to further explain the issue to ensure that I was the right person to assist them.

I then explained that I wouldn’t be authorised to exchange the product, so I retrieved the manager to handle the situation from there.

Afterwards, I checked in with the customer once more to ensure that their needs were met and if they needed any further assistance.

Answering in this way also helps to demonstrate that you can act as a good representative of the brand, their values, and their mission.

#10 Q: How Do You Go About Keeping Your Health and Fitness Knowledge Up to Date?

nutrition balance interview questions for fitness instructor graphic

Interview questions for a fitness instructor job will also be designed to check your awareness of the evolving industry and how up to date you are.

An employer will want you to know the latest popular diets and the latest fitness trends because these will shape the kinds of equipment and styles of training people will be doing on the gym floor.

If you’re aware of these you can demonstrate that you know:

  • Which equipment will typically be the most popular
  • What kinds of goals people will be working towards
  • Which classes are likely to be the most popular 

Knowing the right technique for new, up to date exercises is crucial as a fitness instructor.

If you see someone performing an exercise incorrectly in the gym, you will therefore have the right knowledge to politely correct them and ensure their safety.

This question will also enable employers to see that you are truly passionate about the industry that you are working within.

When answering interview questions for a fitness instructor role such as this one, you could explain how you engage with social media, to see the trends that fitness influencers are promoting.

For example:

I follow all the latest posts from [fitness influencer], so my finger is right on the pulse of the newest trends in the fitness industry. 

I actually incorporate [latest trend] in my own workouts to great effect, so it’s something I’d love to introduce the members of this gym.

Another great way to answer is by naming some journals or studies that you’ve used to conduct your own research of the industry.

These answers both help to demonstrate your interest in keeping up to date with the industry as it changes.

Also this is a great opportunity to discuss any of the additional qualifications you have and how they might be relevant to popular classes and styles of training.

If you don’t have any additional qualifications, you can take CPD fitness courses which cover a range of specialist areas. These include:

This highlights that you’re keen to continually improve your knowledge and expertise as an instructor. It also emphasises your commitment to the industry you hope to be a part of!

#11 Q: What Do You Enjoy in Your Own Workout?

stretch interview questions for fitness instructor graphic

The interview questions for a fitness instructor role are also the perfect opportunity for your potential employer to get to know you.

This will help them to judge whether you will fit into the organisational culture of their particular gym.

However, by asking how you enjoy working out, they also want you to demonstrate that you are genuinely passionate about fitness.

Your answer should therefore help them to ascertain whether you have any specific areas of interest, and if these are suited to the particular role that you’re applying for.

For example:

Outside of work I enjoy weightlifting. I attend a CrossFit class twice a week too and I enjoy working on my technique. I’m currently working towards [your personalised goal].

This shows all of the following:

  • Highlights your ambition
  • Demonstrates that you are passionate about a particular area of fitness
  • Shows that you are interested in continually striving to better yourself and your skills

The employer may also be interested to see if your skills can help them to fill in any gaps that they currently have within their gym.

For example, if you enjoy spin and are able to teach indoor cycling classes but they're missing from the gym's timetable, you can present this as another reason why you'd be an asset!

#12 Q: What do you do outside of work?

calendar interview questions for fitness instructor graphic

It’s great to have a passion for fitness, and have your own workouts outside of your role, but it’s also nice for interviewers to get a feel for what else you’re interested in.

In terms of interview questions for a fitness instructor role, this one may not seem particularly relevant at first glance.

However, it helps an employer get a more well rounded impression of you and whether you’ll be a good fit for the general culture of the company and the team that they already have.

Your other interests may also be helpful for the fitness instructor role either through transferable skills or just by showing your determination to develop new ones.

Here are some examples: 

In my spare time I enjoy taking lessons in French, and am working towards my assessment in the next few weeks. In future, I’d love to be able to instruct a class in French or help clients of different nationalities

Throughout my childhood I learnt how to play piano, and still enjoy it today. I’m currently working towards my Grade 4 Exam, and am greatly inspired by [your favourite musician].

Both of these responses give specific details of the interviewee’s interests, and show how they are continually working to develop their skills.  

We’d recommend following a similar process when giving your answer to this question, in order to emphasise your passions and ensure that they reflect well on you as a new potential employee!

#13 Q: Do you have any questions for me?

ideas fitness instructor interview questions graphic

So far, all of the fitness instructor interview questions and answers have been aimed at you, as the candidate. 

However, at the end of the interview, this question gives you an opportunity to reverse the roles!

It also gives you the chance to establish exactly what your role would be, including your responsibilities, and see if it really is the right job and company for you.

We would therefore recommend having two questions prepared, ready to ask at the end of your interview. 

However, try not to make these look too rehearsed as this will seem unnatural and detract from the other excellent answers you’ve given in the rest of the interview!


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Here are some ideas for questions to ask in an interview for a fitness instructor that wants to make a good lasting impression:

  • What would my day-to-day responsibilities be?
  • Is there room for progression within this role?
  • Are there any training opportunities available?
  • What is the organisational culture like here?

You should have an idea of these pointers with room to bounce off what has been said in the interview, by the employer, on the day. For example:

I’m particularly interested in the event that you mentioned that was happening next month. Could you tell me more about this?

This is a great question to ask as it demonstrates your interest in the role, as well as the culture of the company in general.

Before You Go!

Hopefully now that you’re armed with our list of the most common interview questions for a fitness instructor role, you’re prepared to wow your potential employer!

Don’t forget, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is completing additional qualifications such as personal trainer courses.

Remember you can also download our free course prospectus here to find out more about everything we offer!


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