Can You Fake A Personal Trainer Certificate?

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If you’re thinking about creating, buying, or distributing fake personal trainer certificates this article will provide you with everything you should be aware of.

We’ll cover each aspect in depth, looking at:

The better option is to acquire a legitimate Diploma in Personal Training, which will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to perform the role, including how to plan and deliver bespoke workout programmes, and build a lucrative business.

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Can You Fake A Personal Trainer Certificate?

Can You Fake A Personal Trainer Certificate?

When faced with the question ‘can you fake a personal trainer certificate’ the straightforward answer is yes, you technically can, but this should be avoided at all costs.

Attempting to launch a career on a fake qualification will only lead to negative consequences, as they simply don’t hold the same value and benefits as legitimate qualifications.

This is because fake Level 4 personal training certificates are not regulated, meaning they will not meet the same national as legitmate alternatives. For example, OriGym's qualifications are regulated approved by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), which dictates:

  • The contents of the course 
  • The curriculum schedule 
  • How the course is taught 
  • How assessments are conducted 

fake personal trainer certificate free Ofqual

Ofqual essentially ensures that everyone who earns a Level 4 Personal Training Qualification that falls under their jurisdiction is taught from the same curriculum, and operates at the same level professionally. 

A fake personal trainer certificate will highlight that you’re not educated to the same standards as other, more legitimate trainers. 

As a result, you will struggle to find a personal training job, as employers won’t regard you as a properly qualified candidate.

When looking over your qualifications, employers will also look to see which Ofqual-approved awarding body verified your training. 

For example, at OriGym our courses are awarded by Focus Awards, which appear within the register of approved qualifications - Note because this is a UK-based awarding body, the Level 4 personal training qualifcation be listed as a Level 3

fake pt certification Ofqual Website Accredit

One thing to be aware of is that employers can always check the validity of your qualifications.

This means that, if you create a fake personal trainer certificate that claims to be regulated by Ofqual, you’ll be caught out when the employer looks for further proof. 

While it’s one thing to forge your own PT certificate, you should never buy fake personal trainer certifications either

If any business or individual is offering to sell certifications to you outright, without going through an Ofqual-regulated qualification process, it is a fake qualification, and should be avoided.

With all of this in mind, when revisiting the initial question of ‘can you fake a personal trainer certificate?’, the answer remains that, while you can, you will always face consequences for doing so.

What Are The Consequences Of Using A Fake Personal Training Certificate?

What Are The Consequences of Using A Fake Personal Training Certificate

In the instance that you’re caught using a fake personal trainer certificate, you will face repercussions for your actions. Let’s look at the consequences of having a fake qualification.

Fake Level 4 Personal Trainer Certificates Can Lead To Legal Consequences Regarding Insurance

Fake Personal Trainer Certificates Free Lead to Legal Consequences Regarding Insurance

First and foremost, if you hold a fake personal trainer certificate you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure and serious legal issues. 

This is because the fake qualification is a misrepresentation of your skillset, which will cause challenges when applying for personal trainer insurance.

Sites such as First Ireland will always ask you to provide proof of your qualifications before they’ll offer you any insurance coverage.

Providing a fake certificate means you will not receive insurance.  Without this coverage, you won’t have the legal prtection you need, including:  

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Sports Equipment Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Loss of Earnings

Fake Personal Trainer Certificates Free insurance

Each of these policies legally protect legitimate trainers, and if you hold a fake personal trainer certification, you will leave yourself vulnerable to the following consequences:

Fines & Jail Time Due To Client Injuries

Without public liability and professional indemnity cover, those with fake personal training certificates could face fines and even jail time if a client holds them accountable for an injury.

fake personal trainer certificate free Indemnity

In this instance, the client can claim that they were injured following a programme an unqualified trainer created for them, meaning the PT will be held responsible.

Should this fake PT be found accountable, they won’t have any insurance to support them due to their fake qualification. 

As a result, the trainer will be expected to pay all legal fees, and may even face jail time for negligence depending on the severity of the client’s injuries.

Paying Out Of Pocket For Damaged Equipment

As outlined in the following example, those who hold a fake personal trainer certifcate and lack public liablity coverage could face legal fines from gyms should equipment become damaged when training their clients:

fake level 3 personal trainer certificate Public Liablity

In this instance, legitimate trainers would be able to rely on their insurance providers to help cover the cost of these fines. Those with fake qualifications will be expected to pay the fines themselves. 

No Protection Against Any Loss Of Earnings

As previously stated above, those who hold legitimate personal training insurance can receive ‘loss of earnings protection’. 

Take a look at this example policy below, which provides financial support if a trainer is unable to work due to injury:

buy fake personal trainer certification Insure4Sport

If you create or buy a fake personal trainer certification and are denied insurance as a result, you will not receive loss of earnings cover. This means you could lose a significant amount of money should you be unable to work for a prolonged period.

From these 3 examples, you’ll be able to understand just how important receiving personal trainer insurance is. With a fake Level 4 personal trainer certificate, you leave yourself open to any of the consequences listed above, and even more.

With that being said, issues relating to insurance aren’t the only consequences of holding a fake personal training certificate. 

How A Fake Personal Trainer Certificate Can Cause Consequences With Employability

fake personal trainer certificate free example

We’ve already touched on how employers will always check the legitimacy of your qualifications. In short, if you present an employer with a fake level 4 personal training certificate, you will get caught out.

The importance of having a legitimate PT qualification can’t be understated. Even job ads, like this one for YourGym Fitness, will often mention the certificate you need.

fake personal trainer certificate free Level 4

Simply put, without a recognised Level 4 personal training qualification, you will be underqualified for roles of this nature, and therefore should not apply.

If you choose to pursue this role with a fake personal trainer certificate, an employer can simply check its authenticity by contacting the course provider, or the awarding body.

Should employers discover that your qualification is fake during the application process you may face a number of consequences including:

  • Your Job Offer Is Revoked - If an employer discovers your fake Level 4 personal trainer certificate after they’ve offered you a job, they can simply back out.
  • Industry-wide Blacklisting - Word of mouth could be spread regarding the validity of your qualification, meaning that other employers may become aware you’re using a fake personal trainer certificate, and blacklist you as a result.
  • Embarrassment During The Interview - You might be unable to provide an answer to a basic question for legitimate Level 4 PTs, or offer improper advice in a mock scenario.

consequences of using fake personal trainer certificate

An important factor to be aware of is that employers can check the validity of your qualifications at any point, and if you get caught whilst employed, the consequences are even more severe. 

This is supported by JobSeeker who state:

While lying on your CV is technically not illegal in Ireland, it’s still considered fraud and can lead to dismissal as seen in the case of Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, who was dismissed after only four months in the position after falsifying his computer science degree.

When knowingly using a fake personal trainer certificate, you are actively deceiving an employer, and can therefore be let go for misrepresentation, regardless of how long you've worked for said company. 

According to Hayes Solicitors, this can occur with or without notice, and will likely follow a fair disciplinary process to avoid claims of Unfair Dismissal - you won't be able to take the case to a tribunal as you are the party who was at fault.

Your actions have consequences, and if you’re using a fake personal trainer certificate, you can expect to face some form of repercussions down the line. The best way to avoid any of the aforementioned legal issues is to get properly qualified.


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Become a Level 4 Personal Trainer with OriGym

Kickstart your career as a PT with OriGym's Level 4 Personal Training Qualifcation!

Why You Should Choose A Real Qualification Over A Fake PT Certification

Why You Should Choose A Real Qualification Over A Fake PT Certification

Now that you understand the importance of receiving a legitimate Level 4 Personal Training Qualification, let’s look at why a legitimate qualification always outclasses a fake one.

#1 - A Fake Personal Training Certification Won't Match The Same Level Of Education As A Real Qualification 

fake personal training certificate

Even if you are a fitness enthusiast in your everyday life, you won’t be able to educate yourself to the same standards as a Level 4 personal trainer. To achieve this, you will always need to go through legitimate vocational training.

For example, one of the primary skills acquired on regulated vocational courses is the ability to create and deliver bespoke workout programmes that are unique to your client. In order to achieve this, legitimate trainers will take numerous factors into account, including:

  • A Client’s Previous Fitness Experience 
  • The Client’s Goals 
  • The Package Chosen (how often client and trainer will see each other per week) 

Whilst they might understand how their own body responds to specific workouts, unqualified trainers will typically lack an understanding of how to plan PT sessions and programmes suitable for other individuals.

This could result in inaccurate advice being provided to the client, which could lead to improper form, strains and even serious injury. 

fake personal training certificate business

Part of what makes legitimate Level 4 trainers so knowledgeable in creating bespoke workout programs is their experience in Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. 

This module will appear in every regulated vocational training course across Ireland and the UK, and will provide students with knowledge relating to how the human body responds to exercise.

In addition to this, those who hold a fake personal trainer certificate won’t have what it takes to be successful in running a personal training business

Legitimate Level 4 courses will always have a module dedicated to learning about the business side of the fitness world, covering topics such as: 

  • How to generate personal training leads
  • How to market yourself as a PT
  • How to create a sustainable business model 

For this reason, if you hold a fake personal trainer certificate you’re essentially flying into the industry blindly, without any knowledge of building a business.

Unqualified individuals may struggle to attract and sustain clients, which would eventually lead to their business closing.

#2 - Fake Personal Trainer Certifications Are Not Regulated Or Accredited, But Real Ones Are!

thumbs down fake personal trainer certificate

When becoming a personal trainer, you should always go through an Ofqual regulated training provider. 

In doing so, you can ensure that you’re performing to the same standards as other personal trainers across Ireland and the UK. 

These courses will also be verified by Ofqual recognised Awarding bodies, such as Focus Awards and NCFE, who can verify the legitimacy of your qualification should anyone enquire. 

Another argument in favour of legitimate courses over fake PT certifications is that real providers will be recognised by CIMSPA  (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). 

fake cimspa PT certificate

CIMSPA works across a range of areas in the health and fitness industry, aiming to establish a set of industry standards for the educational sector. This is achieved through:

  • Working with key stakeholders in the fitness sector to establish standards of practice.
  • Advising employers, awarding organisations, education institutes, training course providers and policy makers on how they can implement these standards of practice.
  • Holding an annual conference where all areas of the sector come together to discuss new ideas, regulations and the future of the industry. 
  • Offering CIMSPA membership for students and professionals in the sport and fitness sector

Fake personal trainer certificates will not be accredited! This means they can be flagged by employers conducting background checks into your credentials.

#3 - With A Real Qualification, You Can Avoid The Consequences Associated With Fake Personal Trainer Certifications

Avoid The Consequences Associated With Fake Personal Trainer Certifications

Through earning a legitimate qualification, you will also be able to avoid all of the consequences that come with fake level 4 personal trainer certificates.

For example, in the previous section we discussed how holding a fake certificate will stop you from getting the right personal trainer insurance. 

This isn’t the case with legitimate qualifications, as providers such as First Ireland will be able to verify its legitimacy, and provide you with this legal cover in the following areas:

First Ireland fake personal trainer certificate

This can help to mitigate the consequences associated with fake personal training certifications. For example, if a gym fines you for damaged equipment you can use the insurance as a pay out to help pay these fees. 

Likewise, other aforementioned consequences associated with employment will also be non-existent. 

For example, we mentioned earlier that, if you lie about the validity of qualification on your CV, you could face immediate dismissal from your job role. 

Earning a legitimate Level 4 PT certificate completely removes this risk. Once you’ve graduated, you can add the qualification to your CV, as it’s an accurate reflection of your skillset.

To summarise, regardless of whether you get a fake personal trainer certifcate for free or purchase one, you're esentially opening yourself up to a range of other issues, as well as putting others in harms way.

Be honest with your employers and clients and get qualified in a legitimate manner to avoid these issues and consequences all together! 

#4 - Fake Personal Trainer Certifications Can Halt Your Professional Progression

Fake Personal Trainer Certifications Can Halt Your Professional Progression

As a qualified personal trainer, you should always be looking to progress professionally, and a legitimate certification means you’re able to do that. 

For example, once you have completed a Level 4 diploma in personal training, you can then move on to a specialist Level 5 Personal Training Course.

At OriGym, our Level 5 Courses offer personal trainers the opportunity to develop a speciality within their chosen field. This includes:

Each course is taught by our team of expert tutors, who will help to facilitate your educational and professional growth, beyond your Level 4 training. 

Once enrolled on any one of these qualifications, you will develop specialist skills that will help you carve out a niche for yourself.

Fake Personal Trainer Certifications grad

For example, if you decide to pursue a course in Diabetes Management and Weight Control, you’ll learn how to train diabetic clients

This will involve creating bespoke workout programmes that factor in the psychological and physical conditions, helping clients improve their long-term health. 

Keep in mind that you will not be able to enrol on these specialist courses with a fake personal training certification. 

Vocational training providers will always be able to tell if you’re applying with fake documentation, and will cancel your application immediately.

Fake Personal Trainer Certifications lookout

With this in mind, using a fake Level 4 personal trainer certificate halts any kind of professional progression you may wish to make.

A legitimate qualification will allow you to enrol on these courses and progress your career. Once you’ve achieved a specialist qualification, you’ll be able to charge more for your services as you will be regarded as an expert within that specific field. 

Let’s look at a couple of different examples. First take a look at the pricing packages for Body Buddies Gym, who charges €350 for 8 holistic training sessions:

can you fake a personal trainer certificate rates Ireland

Then compare this pricing structure to that of The BodyCoach who, as a qualified sports nutritionist, provides his clients with bespoke meal plans alongside their workout programmes:

Bodycoach fake personal training qualification

Here you can see that The Body Coach is able to charge significantly more, as he is regarded as an expert in sports nutrition. Should clients wish to purchase 8 sessions with this PT, they would instead pay €480.

From this section you will be able to tell just how damaging fake personal trainer certificates can be for your career. Simply put, acquiring a legitimate qualification is the only way to develop professionally as a PT. 

Before You Go!

Using a fake personal trainer certificate is never a good idea, and this article has proven exactly why you should avoid doing so at all cost. 

With this in mind, remember you should never create or buy a fake personal trainer certification and should instead look to qualify through the appropriate channels. 

The ideal way to do that is with OriGym’s Personal Training Diploma, where you’ll develop practical and theoretical skills that officially qualify you as a PT, as well as receive all the support and guidance you need to kickstart a prosperous career.

You can also download our FREE course prospectus here! 


Become a Level 4 Personal Trainer with OriGym

Kickstart your career as a PT with OriGym's Level 4 Personal Training Qualifcation!

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