Am I Too Old to Become a Personal Trainer?

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If you’re looking for a career change you might be asking yourself, ‘Am I too old to become a personal trainer?’

In this guide, we will dispel the myth that becoming a PT is a young person’s game, by answering the following questions:

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Am I Too Old To Become A Personal Trainer?

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This frequently asked question stems from the common misconception that there is a ‘personal trainer age limit’. However, research has shown that the fitness industry is populated by a variety of age groups. 

For example, Statista collected data and found the average age of personal trainers to be 39.10 years.

In a different study carried out by the National Federation of Professional Trainers, they discovered that 40% of their certified trainers were aged between 42 and 60.

These figures contradict the assumption that only young adults can operate as PTs. But if you still need convincing, check out Tim Minnickm who at the age of 77 holds the Guinness World Record for becoming the world’s oldest personal trainer.

These facts should serve as inspiration to help you realise the question ‘Am I too old to become a personal trainer?’ is redundant! 

If you would like to learn more, you can read our blog, How To Become A Personal Trainer, to learn what it takes to become a PT.

Since anyone over the age of 16 can become a PT, the real question you should ask is whether there is demand for older personal trainers.


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Is There Demand For Older Personal Trainers?

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After learning about the diverse range of age groups working in the fitness industry, you’ll naturally want to ask, is there a demand for an older PT?

A statement released by EREPS acknowledges this demand, explaining that:

Older clients may want a trainer who is closer to their age. Working out with someone who understands the challenges they face can make them feel more comfortable. They might also be less self-conscious about any movement limitations

EREPS continues to elaborate on the topic, explaining that older clients will also look to older trainers as a source of inspiration. 

A surge in demand for older PTs is also reflected in the Google searches carried out by people looking to hire a personal trainer.

In July 2023, for example, there were up to 1,000 average searches online for people looking for ‘personal trainers for over 50s near me’.

An ageing population is one of the central reasons people are seeking to retain the services of PTs who can train older clients.

Data collected by the ONS also supports the idea that the question ‘Am I too old to become a personal trainer?’ is irrelevant. These findings argued that life expectancy increased with “improved healthcare and lifestyles, especially for those aged 65 years and over.”

In real-world terms, this shows in people aged 55 and over, who according to the IHRSA, are the fastest-growing demographic for gym memberships.

When presented with this information and understanding the rapid growth of gyms and health clubs, it is only logical to see how there is a need for PTs in older age brackets. 

Demand For Older Personal Trainers With Experience

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Whilst an ageing population will increase the demand for older PTs, the experience you gained from jobs outside the industry will make you a welcome addition to a gym’s staff upon making your career change.

You may have worked in a managerial role and developed skills to motivate and communicate with staff. These skills can be transferred when you need to motivate your clients as PT.

Alternatively, you may have worked in an office that required you to problem-solve and time-manage several tasks at once. 

These skills can be incorporated into your working week as a PT, giving you the ability to adjust training programmes and manage your daily schedule with clients effectively.

The more experience you’ve gained, the more skills you’ll possess giving you a competitive advantage over a beginner who doesn’t have these skills developed.


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What Are The Reasons To Become An Older Personal Trainer?

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After learning about the age demographics of PTs working in the fitness industry and the demand for older PTs, thanks to an ageing population, you ask if there are other reasons to become an older personal trainer.

Let’s explore some of these in more detail.

#1 You Can Study To Become An Older PT Around Your Existing Commitments.

You can pursue a career change to become a personal trainer, thanks to the different study methods available including: 

  • Online- This allows you to complete your qualification in as little as 8 weeks by completing course modules online and attending your practical assessment.
  • Part-Time- This study method allows you to complete your course in 6 weeks, by completing online modules and attending your workshops and assessments.
  • Full-Time- A quick way to achieve your qualification within 2 weeks, where you’ll receive expert tuition from our staff through class lessons and practical sessions.

These flexible study methods will allow you to qualify as a personal trainer around your existing commitments.

Upon the completion of your qualification, you’ll discover that personal training is a flexible career that offers a good source of income. Specific benefits of this career include: 

  • Set your hours- You can decide what days and times of the week you wish to work, be it part-time or full-time hours. 
  • Set your prices- Determine how much you want to charge for monthly packages, single and group sessions, as well as how much you should charge for online sessions.
  • Take on your preferred number of clients- You can increase your revenue by taking on more clients and increasing the hours you work. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to work part-time you can take on as few clients as you wish.

#2 - You Can Attract Clients By Specialising Working With A Niche Market

As highlighted throughout the article, another reason becoming an older PT is an attractive prospect, is your ability to carve a niche demographic working with older clients.

The aforementioned study by EREPS highlighted how older clients look to their PTs as a source of inspiration. Proving that seeing someone their age frequently exercise inspires them to do the same.


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Being a similar age to your clients also allows you to empathise with their life experiences, such as common ailments that come with ageing. These factors can be taken into account when creating bespoke workout programmes for your clients.

For example, you could become a mobile personal trainer to deliver PT services to the homes of clients with mobility issues.

#3 You’ll Have More Disposable Income To Invest In Your Business.

As an older personal trainer, you will more than likely have a higher amount of disposable income to invest in resources.

According to research gathered by Statista, those aged 45-54 have the highest disposable income, closely followed by 55-64-year-olds. 

If you’re planning to run your own business and fall within these age brackets, you can use this money to finance marketing campaigns and cover costs for insurance, equipment and rent.

Access to a disposable income will also help you build a client base quickly which will help you start earning a healthy personal trainer salary.

#4 You’ll Have Experience To Increase Your Employment Prospects

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Finally, your level of experience as a personal trainer can increase your demand in the fitness industry.

The reason for this is, that older PTs have the value of life experience. They are more likely to have had first-hand experience dealing with pregnancies, surgeries and injuries.

A pregnant client is therefore more likely to feel comfortable being trained by a mature, female PT who has experienced pregnancy and motherhood compared to a younger PT who has never experienced pregnancy.

After working in the industry for several years, you will have developed a proven record of results with your clients.

This will make you more attractive to new clients compared to a young PT starting in the industry because they will have confidence you can help them achieve their targets.


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It's never too late to change careers, enquire about our personal trainer courses now. 

Before You Go!

After reading this article, you will have learnt that you can never be too old as a personal trainer.

Remember, you can enquire about starting a PT Diploma qualification today or learn about our full range of courses by downloading our free course prospectus.

Written by Luke Hughes


Luke is the CEO for OriGym, with a masters degree and 1st class honours degree in sport and exercise science and is a qualified personal trainer. Luke loves playing football and running, but his main passion is for cycling, where he can often be found cycling round the Lake District on a Sunday afternoon!

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